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A wide range of made in Italy neon transformers, LED drivers, surge protective devices and components to generate ozone an plasma.

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A range of specialized services to support designers, architecture studios, lighting design companies and the contract management industry.

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A range of specialized services to support artists and to help customers develop Original Items, Artist's multiples and Limited Series.

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We can offer the full support of our designers and craftsmen, as well as our proven experience in terms of technology and production.
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Unveiling the most beautiful neon art exhibitions of June 2023

In this monthly column, we delve into the vibrancy of neon art, exploring the most exciting exhibitions taking place around the world this month. From cityscapes to abstract masterpieces, we turn the spotlight on visionary artists fearlessly pushing the boundaries of the cold cathode lamp. Whether you are an art connoisseur, avid collector or simply intrigued by the dynamic fusion of light and art, this column is your ultimate guide to discovering June's most beautiful neon art exhibitions. Prepare to be fascinated and inspired!

May 2023: Contemporary art exhibitions with neon

Neon is a light source that is more than a hundred years old. It began as a scientific discovery and was then used worldwide as a luminous sign. In recent decades it has also increasingly come to life as an element of contemporary art.

Would you like to visit some exhibitions dedicated to neon or see artworks handcrafted from real neon? Then you can't miss our May 2023 calendar!

Power factor capacitors for neon transformers
Our power factor correctors allow a more economical and efficient use of energy due to lower current absorption. This also leads to better functioning of the entire system: transformer, mains cable, sign or artwork


Image of  Marisa Graziati
Marisa Graziati President

She is in charge of the company; thanks to her vision, she is capable of bringing to light that innovation potential that can be expressed through people, processes, products and markets.

Image of  Renato Crivellaro
Renato Crivellaro Operations Manager

He oversees all technological research and development of new products within the technical area, applying continuous improvement as a methodology for their periodic technical updating and qualitative improvement.

Image of  Sonia Zuffo
Sonia Zuffo Sales Area Manager

She coordinates and manages the sales force to reach the objectives set while paying constant attention to Customers’ needs.

Image of  Elisa Pasqualini
Elisa Pasqualini Orders & Shipment

Manages the Customer Orders, from receipt through evasion in strict cooperation with the Production Managers, through to final product shipment.

Image of  Gloria Graziati
Gloria Graziati Digital Marketing Specialist

Assists  the CEO in all the numerous and effective needs, helping in handling the various workflows required by managing the company. She also coodinates the online and communication department.

Image of  Enrica Florian
Enrica Florian Accounting

Supervises the various company accounts, financial and administrative needs, and ensures the current tax directives are fully complied with.

Image of  Marco Graziati
Marco Graziati Purchasing

He deals with and manages the relationship between our processes and partners by seeking useful innovations to optimize our trade conditions.

Image of  Alberto Chinellato
Alberto Chinellato Quality & Safety
Quality & Safety

He monitors internal processes with the aim of ensuring quality towards the customer and the safety of F/ART employees.

Image of  Alessio Fusaro
Alessio Fusaro Laboratory

Assistant to the R&D manager, working on the development of new products and manufacturing processes. He prepares specifications and technical reports and performs tests following the current standards.

Image of  Alessandro Vincenzi
Alessandro Vincenzi Production manager
Production manager

Coordinates the company's production department by interfacing with the operation manager.

Image of  Enrico Moro
Enrico Moro Marketing consultant

He develops marketing strategies to help the company reach its objectives using specific ethical principles in a balanced and feasible way.

Image of  Marotta & Russo
Marotta & Russo Art Directors

Artists, Designers and Teachers investigating and pursuing the expression, concepts and anthropology of contemporary and post-digital languages and logics.