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Neon and F/ART transformers

WHERE: Venezia Dorsoduro (Italy)
WHEN:  13th December 2018 - 13th January 2019
PRESS: Click here
IN COLLABORATION WITH: F/ART, CNA Venezia, MacLab, Venice fine Arts Academy
Insigni is Art&Business, searching and action line of “Laboratorio di Management dell’arte e della Cultura di Ca’ Foscari” which include the farms and contemporary art. For this time we bring it to the company’s high venetian craftsmanship in contact with young artists of “Accademia di Belle Arti” and the technologies for F/ART neon. Insigni takes care in a Venice’s urban district full of museums and art galleries but, also for that, unusable to artists who can not afford to make art in the art area. One of lots venetian paradoxes which make someone think to what is really a “creative city” and which make of Insigni also a project of urban regeneration.  With this spirit five workshops have welcomed 5 artists for 5 weeks to create 5 works realised thanks to F/ART. Insigni brings as a result the contemporary art in the places in which, in the Venice hystoric city centre, unique handcraft pieces are still produced and pieces made abroad are not sold.  But these outstanding masters need signs which signal, teach and help them to teach. We trust that the art know how to do has never done before.
Gennaro Bisogno
@ Il Pavone
Angelica Bordon
Looking For
@ Cornici Trevisanello
Studio Tonnato
Epitaffio di un Amore
@ Squero San Trovaso
Laura Vendramini
@ Designs 188
Giacomo Vidoni
@ Le Forcole
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