The leading thread

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The leading thread, 2015


neon tube, F/ART transformers

WHERE: Ca’ Pesaro Museum of Contemporary Art, Venice
WHEN:  8th May - 15th September 2015
PRESS: Release

A thread of light “the leading thread” in red cracked neon, a type of modified neon always in motion, represents the thread of Artist’s life and emotions , a red stream of energy and blood which cuts strongly the white marble façade of Ca’Pesaro from the roof down to almost reaching the water of the Grand Canal. There it meets a kind of technological Venus installed on the water level on the door of the Palace, a huge ephemeral coil, made of laminated glass sheets with the red light wound thread. The red thread will continue inside the Museum where, in two rooms on the ground floor, two installations will be connected and marked by the thread, here definitely transformed in a stream of blood , flowing inside a huge roll of barbed wire.
It is a strong and dramatic project, with a great visibility particularly in the evening; it is the “ leading thread” of life with scenographic impact on the Museum façade. Its meaning is to lead visitors inside the two rooms of Ca’ Pesaro, where the “ drama of humanity ” takes place.
Works and signs belonging to the basic art of Federica Marangoni, a fundamental concept in her artistic journey, , in which light will be attraction and symbolic shape: concrete light, technological light and metaphoric light of the Art.

Ca’ Pesaro Museum of Contemporary Art, Venice May 8th September 15th 2015
Curator Gabriella Belli

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