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ToutVa, 2017


neon, mirrored steel, arduino, internet connection, F/ART transformer


⌀ 148 cm

EXHIBITION:  M-O-D-U-S tecniche, poetiche, materiali nell'arte Contemporanea - Collateral Event of 57th Biennale di Venezia
WHERE: Ca'Faccanon, Venezia
WHEN: 10th May - 26th November 2017
SPONSOR: F/ART produttore dell'opera
PRESS: Comunicati stampa - Rassegna Stampa

The signboard of a place and the call to end up again all-round. The call to spend precisely all the time inside this Post Digital Bistrot, born as a dazed place in order to drink here all the absence and all the absinthe. Boundless vapors, like the sea to be filtered with a spoon, therefore also in the Time. So, let’s highlight the three acts: mirroring what is blurred in the labyrinth; racking one’s brains for that; then feeling themselves rising into the tide.

The wave power of Venice gives rhythm to every lighting, to every switching off. Without net and with the Net: these are data taken from the sea of the Internet and always filtered in real time – now here and then elsewhere – in your real time, in local, where all - less & more - has a value.


Photo: Irene Fanizza
Video: Giacomo Vidoni

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