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by Leonardo Sonnoli




neon tubes, F/ART transformers

EXHIBITION: 11th Triennale Design Musesum - Triennale di Milano
WHERE: Milan
WHEN: 14 April 2018 - 20 January 2019
SPONSOR: F/ART as artword producer
PRESS: Press release

“Speaking of a way of buying and selling that has changed, those neon signs are ideally exploding and shattering”, affirms Leonardo Sonnoli, designer of the installation. The signs not only recall the physical places of international markets, from Piccadilly Circus to Times Square, but also evoke the iconic role played by neon in twentieth-century culture: since when over a hundred years ago, a Parisian barber lit the first sign in a small shop called Palais Coiffeur, neon has gone from being a lively tool capable of attracting tourists to restaurants, shops or snack bars, to becoming a recognisable feature of major cities, and is now a favourite material of many contemporary artists. The characteristics of neon still exert a great fascination for artists and designers, as Sonnoli recalls.
The expressive researches built on light are, by their nature, strictly connected to the progress of techniques and technologies related to the production of light sources. “For this reason, the support and advice of manufacturing companies is fundamental”, continues the designer. And it is on these competencies that the know-how of F/ART is based.


“The bright colours, dynamism and rhythm that can be given to words with timers, in addition to the overlays of light. A static word can take on the characteristics of a visual poem, that is, the rhythm, presence or absence on the sheet or wall, adding the possibility of occupying the third and fourth dimensions.”
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