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di Leonardo Sonnoli


Piper, 2017


neon tubes, F/ART transformers

WHERE: Artissima Fair 2017
WHEN:  3rd-5th November 2017
PRESS: Release + Blog

F/ART sponsors Artissima 2017 and also made the “Piper” neon sign designed by Leonardo Sonnoli exhibited at the fair. By doing so, F/ART espouses Artissima’s new cultural project covering the 1960s, a decade that made Turin the Italian capital of contemporary art.

The famous Piper disco (1966-69), reconstructed for the occasion, not only evokes a symbol of the era frequented by the international creative milieu based in Turin, but also emphasises the iconic role played by the neon sign in contemporary culture. More than a hundred years ago, a Parisian barber lighted the first neon sign in a small shop called Palais Coiffeur, since then the neon has gone from being a lively tool capable of attracting tourists to restaurants or shops, to becoming a recognizable feature in major cities, such as Tokyo or Las Vegas, and is now a favourite material of many contemporary artists.

Credit PH: Perottino-Alfero-Bottallo-Formica

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