F/ART, Treviso

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F/ART, Treviso

For some people, changing a sign simply means giving a new look to a facade, for many others it means a much deeper change, which starts from the heart of the company and wants to communicate the new mission and vision to the world.

The new F/ART sign measures 7 meters x 110 cm and contains handcrafted white neon glass tubes directly exposed to view on the facade. The glass tubes follow the perimeter of a white structure that diffuses the light, filling the entire letter and making it appear fully illuminated.

The sign is powered up by Resinblock transformers suitable for outdoor installations, even if exposed to atmospheric agents.

LOCATIONTreviso, 2020

Cold cathode lamps, color white 6500°K

Neon sign size: 7 m x 110 cm

Total tubes lenght: 28,2 m

Tubes diameter: 20 mm

Resinblock F/ART transformers: 4

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