Image of  Harley's Pub, Venice

Harley's Pub, Venice

Transparent neon tube sign with red gas made for Harley's Pub in Dolo (Venice, Italy) inaugurated in May 2018. The pub is specialized in quality sandwiches and burgers, with a wide selection of beers; in a few months it has already received excellent reviews in sites like tripadvisor and google.

The sign is a red skull surrounded by the words "give me hops, give me death" in perfect style with the pub, whose motto is "Drink Fast, Eat Slow".
CATEGORYVisual Design
LOCATION2018 - Dolo (Venice), Italia

Cold Cathode Lamp (neon)
Gas color: red
Tube: transparent glass Ø 12mm, 31m
Size: 2,18 X 1,5 m
Plexiglass box in order to protect the neon
5 F/ART Neon transformers

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