Neon Mural “Krzusztof Komeda”

Image of  Neon Mural “Krzusztof Komeda”

Neon Mural “Krzusztof Komeda”

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Krzysztof Komeda Trzciński, with the musical accompaniment of Maciej Balcar and Mateusz Fidyk, the neon lighting gave the mural a new nocturnal face. This installation reminds us of the outstanding pianist and composer.



Neon: Ar-neon
Transformers: F/ART Resinblock
Cultural Center: Ostrowskie Centrum Kultury
Project info: Behance

DESIGNERKonrad "Mucha” Moszyński
CATEGORYExterior, Visual Design
LOCATION2021, Poland

Cold Catode Lamps
Size: 14 x 13 m
Glass tube: 145 m linear lenght, Ø 18mm
Neon colors: standard green, white, cyclamen, cobalt blue, purple, super blue
Transformers: 14 Resinblock F/ART

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