Project Management

Project Management
Ideas are implemented  
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F/ART can design and implement lighting systems capable of interpreting every installation or performance need in a flexible manner, even within or outside of particular contexts. Furthermore, in addition to being flexible, such systems are capable of combining various aspects, such as energy savings and optimization; this is a typical peculiarity of neon lights that cannot be found in other technology applied to lighting systems.

F/ART has the know-how and experience needed to interpret special use or expressive needs with equally special lighting solutions. We also love to combine such aspects with safety and durability, which are the basis of our consolidated operational philosophy. We are therefore capable of reinventing and reinterpreting our technologies and products according to the form or substance - physical and conceptual - of the project suggested by the Customer and which we will design for them.

F/ART's team can design and operatively adapt itself to the rigorous and linear geometric profiles of the most modern architectures; however, the team can also reinterpret the soft lines of the apses of churches, or even shape glass tubes in order to develop elegant and distinctive words and create real Contemporary works of Art and design.

On site inspection

Our team carries out a thorough on-site inspection - from the very start and without delay – on every peculiar environmental need, as well as on each specific operational setting. This allows the company to come up with the most effective and efficient project solution to fully meet the expressive, technical and installation needs required.


Our team studies and designs every product - original or batch items - and conceives and implements all the technical and formal solutions needed to achieve the objectives set.


Our team can offer the most complete customization work with regards to every formal or technological aspect of the project that needs to be implemented; the company always goes above and beyond in order to address the most complex or - so to speak - "eccentric" needs of its customers.


Our team designs and carefully follows every aspect of the production, packaging, transportation and installation processes of every product - original or batch item - according to the specific requirements set out during the design phases.