Company history

A bright history
For over 70 years
Image of  The postwar period lights up

The postwar period lights up

F.A.R.T. (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Radioelettriche Treviso/Treviso-based Radio-Electrical Equipment Factory) was founded by Bruno Graziati in 1945, when Italy was trying to recover from the destruction and mourning of World War II. In an uncertain and difficult postwar context, people tried to come together and support each other. Gradually, they began to resume their old habits and daily lifestyles, thus becoming more social and reopening businesses. With the gradual and difficult reopening of businesses and public establishments, the same felt the need to increase their visibility and commercial appeal and thus resorted to the marvelous and beautiful neon lights.

During this period, Bruno Graziati was already a renowned - although young - electro technician who carefully observed the evolution of society and  its growing need in the business sector. He immediately realized the potential of his entrepreneurial skills as an electro technician with technical expertise in applications such as luminous signs: that is how the lab he had previously devoted to the manufacturing and repair of radio equipment was transformed into another business with different objectives. From that moment, F.A.R.T. became a small and focused Company entirely devoted to the production of High Voltage transformers for cold cathode lamps, namely lamps based on the technology commonly known as "neon." 

An innovative company

Bruno Graziati immediately understood that only the perfect balance between safety and durability of the transformers supplying voltage to signs could ensure the success of neon and its potential business developments. In 1945, the trend was to use transformers that worked with "air" coils. Naturally, the serious - and dangerous - limitations of such a technical approach were quickly noticed: high risk of fires, malfunctions and little durability over time due to the natural action of atmospheric agents. Bruno Graziati intuitively developed a new technological approach to solve the issue. He began working to creatively and skillfully apply his technical knowledge by designing, manufacturing and marketing the first armored transformer models, which were encapsulated and protected by a metal box. The first transformers with this technology, the only ones, bore the F.A.R.T. trademark.

His first productions featured a box filled with a compound (i.e. dielectric tar). However, following in-depth studies, the technology introduced by the Founder was improved and thus allowed the company to achieve a higher level of quality thanks to that much needed balance between safety and durability. In fact, F.A.R.T. introduced the first transformers whose box was filled with vacuum-applied resin instead of a compound. This new and cutting edge approach significantly improved the level of insulation, thus ensuring - amongst other things - remarkably increased resistance, even at higher operating temperatures. From that moment on, each device could then be used in a very easy, safe and economically sustainable manner, even outdoors. This unleashed and freed the creativity of neon sign designers and boosted the production of business signs during the economic Boom of the 60s, including during the Dolce Vita. Once again, the first transformers with this technology, the only ones, bore the F.A.R.T. trademark.

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Image of  A second decisive technological revolution

A second decisive technological revolution

However, time flies and Bruno Graziati never used to - as is said - sit there to watch it pass. In fact, in 1980, he developed another revolutionary innovation that made the company stand out even more as a technological market leader. F.A.R.T. designed, patented and produced a new automatic system to be applied to the production of transformers. The same was made of a vacuum encapsulation system with special epoxy resin for outdoor use: basically, it allowed the company to remove the metal box and its issues. Such innovation decisively contributed to boosting the Company in a clearly leading position in terms of innovation and market shares, both nationally and internationally. From that moment on - and to date - the Company has been focusing on designing, manufacturing and marketing transformers based on this technology, while continuing to innovate and respect the balance between safety and durability as its absolute quality criteria. Once again, the first transformers with this technology, the only ones, bore the F.A.R.T. trademark.

As we have seen, F.A.R.T. is known as a Company that pursues quality in everyday practice. The same quality is determined by its three traditional assets and values: intuition, passion and attention to detail. Vision, passion and technical and specialized expertise have allowed the Company to grow rapidly and consistently. In fact, under Bruno Graziati’s skillful leadership, the business gradually acquired a leading role worldwide in this field, both in terms of market shares and turnover. The Founder's four children began to follow his guidance and teachings, gradually assuming roles of increased responsibility within the company and by managing its various activities. Finally, following the natural cycle of life, the second generation is ready to take over the company: the Company will now be led by the four children and will pursue its journey under these new terms for many years.

The Present becomes the Future: F.A.R.T. becomes F/ART

As it happens to everyone sooner or later, the tireless Bruno Graziati has left this world: he passed away in December 2016 and is greatly missed by his dear ones and by his employees. Since March 2017, the sole Chief Executive Officer, Marisa Graziati, has thus taken over the Direction and Management of the Company.

She is mainly committed to leading F.A.R.T. towards renewed perspectives in which the company can stand out for its design and technical expertise acquired over 75 years of intense and recognized activity. This is the reason why the Company - always in 2017 - has changed its logo and the graphics of its name into F/ART; at the same time, the company has introduced itself to the market with an entirely renewed offer and new objectives.

More specifically, the Company is going to support - in various ways and roles - the products, projects and partnerships of Contemporary Art, Lighting Design and Lighting Communication using expressive Neon technology – and from now on – LED technology too.

Image of  The Present becomes the Future: F.A.R.T. becomes F/ART
Image of  75 and over

75 and over

Transformers of ideas is the new F/ART’s concept.

The company's development path also includes the recent addition - characterising the start of 2019 - of the new line of products specifically focused on LED technology. This line boasts F/ART's trademark reliability and efficiency, supporting all installation and application requirements of professionals working in this specific area of the lighting industry. These products have been designed and created based on the company’s traditional vocation for innovative and unprecedented solutions.

In conjunction with the seventy-fifth year of the company, in 2020, F/ART has expanded its range by producing components for the treatment and sanitation of air and water: from new transformers to specific pipes for the ozone generation and ionization.