How we work

How we work
Expert experts
Image of  Designers and Craftsmen

Designers and Craftsmen
Experience is handed down

F/ART can count on a team of great employees, expert designers and specialized craftsmen who are entirely devoted to the implementation of each production item, whether small or big, in batch or unique. The experience handed down over the generations, together with that attention to detail devoted on a daily basis by those who love and nurture their own skills and expertise, give a unique quality to this Company through each project, piece and detail.

Digital Innovations
We explore all opportunities

Through the use of the latest digital technologies, F/ART’s Neon, LED and Ozone product and accessories reach unprecedented levels, since the Company can rely on extremely precise and efficient design and production processes. Specialized CAD technologies and three-dimensional modeling technologies are used in the scrupulous prototyping processes used for lab testing during the design phase, in order to determine the future quality of the product, as well as its safety and reliability. Furthermore, during each of the various production phases, special software applications are devoted to testing each individual component, as well as every stage of processing.

Image of  Digital innovations