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Always seeking innovative solutions

F/ART is a renowned world leader in the production of transformers for cold cathode lamps – Neon - thanks to both its positioning on the market and - most importantly - its technological innovation and excellence. 
It has achieved and continues to confirm this leadership position by reinventing the values of innovation and Made in Italy quality. The company's new LED technology line also takes its inspiration from these values and vision: these products build on the company’s traditional reliability and original designs to interpret any operational and installation requirement linked to the LED lighting industry.
To confirm this, F/ART and its specialists and technicians boast over seventy years of experience as reliable technical consultants and partners of Artists, Designers and Design Firms in the design, prototyping and production of works, decorations, signs and advertising panels for various brands, as well as in providing solutions for every need related to the fascinating Neon technology. 


Shared know-how

Fully convinced that neon technology now represents a horizon of expressive lighting, even more so than just a fascinating source of light, F/ART aims to: 
  • promote and support artists and designers– whether renowned or emerging – as well as any Company that wishes to affirm itself in a professional manner and through the expressive form of neon technology, which has always been a great source of visual, sophisticated and conceptual appeal, by providing its technical support and products; 
  •  help you implement unique or quantity-limited items by entrusting their design to our Contemporary Art or Industrial Design partners, whether renowned or emerging, or by offering our know-how and expertise to Customers, even for interior design of industrial or customized production; 
  • represent, as it always has, that solid and performing point of reference worldwide to design, develop, produce, preserve and restore any type of Artwork or Design based on neon technology.
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