Quality Policy


F/ART, for more than 75 years the world's leading manufacturer of transformers for Neon lighting systems, and in recent years a manufacturer of electronic power supplies for both Neon and LED lighting and sanitisation systems, as well as surge protection devices, has as its mission:

  • technological innovation, through the adoption of methodologies that allow the development of products with innovative features, in line with market demands;
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty, i.e., providing prompt and effective responses to the Customer's explicit and implicit needs;
  • the safeguarding of the health and safety of the people working in the company and the end users of its products;
  • constant attention to the needs of other Stakeholders, namely: employees, suppliers and the entities of the territory in which the company operates;
  • respect for the environment, through careful application of current legislation and with the involvement of employees and suppliers.


F/ART's strength and capacity of innovation are a consequence of the expertise and passion of the people working in the company, without whom the achievements in its long history would not have been possible.

Strategic Objectives

F/ART identifies as strategic objectives:

  • to be among the leaders in the market for power systems for Led and Neon systems used in visual communication and lighting;
  • expansion into the market of air and water sanitization components and equipment;
  • adoption of "lean" methodologies to create a leaner and more efficient business organization, reducing waste of resources;
  • profitable cooperation with suppliers of products and services, so as to promote continuous improvement in the quality of supplies;
  • enhancement and professional growth of its employees by expanding education and training programs;
  • identification and reduction of health and safety risks inherent in work activities and in the use of its products;
  • adoption of operating practices aimed at the environmental sustainability of production activities.


F/ART is aware that the achievement of the above objectives, in addition to resulting in benefits for the Customer and its employees, is also a benefit for the company itself, resulting in a reduction of costs and inefficiencies.

Process management and continuous improvement

To achieve the Strategic Objectives, F/ART Management has adopted a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, committing to promote the process approach and continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is expressed through meeting the needs of Customers and Stakeholders, maintaining quality levels in line with market demands.

F/ART's Management also promotes a constant application of risk and opportunity assessment in every area of activity, by applying the criteria of "risk-based thinking."

Review and diffusion of the Quality Policy

This Quality Policy (and the Strategic Objectives referred to in it) is periodically reviewed to ascertain its validity.

In addition, the Policy, the Objectives and the results achieved by the Management System are diffused at all levels of the company and externally, both to Customers and Stakeholders.

All personnel are expected to work together to ensure that the commitments expressed in this document are met and implemented.



Preganziol, March 20, 2023
F/ART President