Vision & Mission

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F/ART transforms ideas into solutions, thanks to both its positioning on the market and - most importantly - its technological innovation and excellence. 
Our products are based on the value and reliability of Made in Italy, interpreting every need connected to the sectors of visual communication, lighting, art, design and sanitation.
More than seventy-five years of experience as reliable technical consultant and partner of those who choose light as an expressive source, stimulate us to support artists and designers who, like us, believe in the values and importance of art and culture.


We believe in the value and respect for people and companies, with whom we work as a trusted partner by sharing skills and objectives, creating opportunities for common development and prosperity.
The passion in our work and in innovation guides us towards solutions designed to grow together.
We actively operate in our territory by focusing on sustainability to generate positive impacts through the constant improvement of our ecological and social footprint.
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