What we do

What we do
We light up every possibility

F/ART's renewed offer is based on three lines of products, each capable of interpreting the most diverse and specific requirements of a complex and varied environment by using and applying Neon in more innovative and contemporary manners.

We design

The most advanced

/POWER represents a wide range of Neon transformers & LED drivers and relevant items with Made in Italy production and know-how.

We design and manufacture in Italy and we market transformers for the cold cathode technology - Neon - worldwide. Our products are universally recognized for their excellence and high level of innovation, safety, reliability and durability. Thanks to the value of its internal team of expert designers and skilled technicians, each product introduced on the Company's international markets, over its many decades of business and success, is clearly distinguished - in terms of both the design approach and production solutions - for being extremely innovative and technologically advanced. 

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We provide

The most advanced for professionals

/LIGHT offers a range of services aimed to support Designers, Architecture and Lighting Design Companies and the Contract Management industry to meet the specific design and technological requirements of their customers, as well as to implement any kind of customized lighting system.

We provide specialized support and our expertise at every stage of the design, implementation and marketing phases in order to find optimal customization solutions. Our qualified team of professionals is in constant contact with our Partners, Customers and Clients during every phase and aspect of the design, implementation and installation of our products.


We implement

The most advanced for Art & Design

F/ART offers a range of expert services and support to artists especially for Original Items, Artist's multiples and Limited Series based on neon technology.

We help Artists and Designers, whether renowned or emerging, to design and implement neon works by taking their every need into account: expressiveness, technique, safety and durability. 

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We guarantee

The most advanced in the industry

We exclusively design and produce all of our products in Italy, making the most of excellent local craftsmanship that really stands out for its specific expertise and admirable skills

For F/ART, “Made in Italy” is more than just a label: for us, it is a real manufacturing practice that we use to present ourselves to the public - which has always, quite rightfully, been rather demanding - guaranteeing and selling our products all over the world. Our products are famous everywhere for being a benchmark of excellence in the industry, thanks to their traditionally high level of innovation, safety, reliability and durability over time: transformers and accessories for Neon; transformers for LED; surge protectors and other electronic devices currently being designed.