/ART offers a range of technical services and support in the development of Design Original Items, Artist's multiples and Limited Series to Artists and Designers, whether renowned or emerging.

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DAF Struttura

for Artissima 2018
F/ART was Artissima partner also for the twenty-fifth edition (2018). This fair is well-known in the world to host only contemporary art. For this occasion, we created the neon work for DAF STRUTTURA, the new experimental school born thanks to the collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

Biennale Light Art Mantova


Everything (Not) (Saved) Will Be Lost

Marotta & Russo
One of the most representative pop epigraphs for an entire generation of the late twentieth century recited and recites: "Everything not saved will be lost". This was the message that appeared to the millions of Nintendo console players in the 1990s when they left the game. And today in 2018, it becomes interesting to reflect on the meaning and now "natural" extension of that same assumption.

Pay Per Design

by Leonardo Sonnoli

The signs not only recall the physical places of international markets, from Piccadilly Circus to Times Square, but also evoke the iconic role played by neon in twentieth-century culture: since when over a hundred years ago, a Parisian barber lit the first sign in a small shop called Palais Coiffeur, neon has gone from being a lively tool capable of attracting tourists to restaurants, shops or snack bars, to becoming a recognisable feature of major cities, and is now a favourite material of many contemporary artists. 



di Leonardo Sonnoli

The famous Piper disco (1966-69), reconstructed for the occasion, not only evokes a symbol of the era frequented by the international creative milieu based in Turin, but also emphasises the iconic role played by the neon sign in contemporary culture. 


Antiquitas in Luce

Introduction in the artistic world of materials which have never been specifically destinated and used in the arts, like neon tubes, industrial aluminum, cements, dirth which in his hands have been manipulated in such a way to acquire unparalleled sense of poetry, dream, and emotion.


The signboard of a place and the call to end up again all-round. 


The leading thread

A thread of light “the leading thread” in red cracked neon, a type of modified neon always in motion, represents the thread of Artist’s life and emotions , a red stream of energy and blood which cuts strongly the white marble façade of Ca’Pesaro from the roof down to almost reaching the water of the Grand Canal.


The revolution of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba seeks a contact with everyone's lifestyle.