Image of  Laura Ambrosi

Laura Ambrosi

Born in 1959 in Soave, in the Province of Verona in Italy, Ambrosi currently lives and works in Turin. Her work develops the plastic aspects of material; having devoted herself to installation art, she uses fabrics, methacrylate (plexiglas) and neon fibers for exploring the body and the materials that can clothe it, that become a second skin. Pushing the language of sculpture towards an idea of design, Ambrosi’s works maintain a sort of intrinsic lightness: they are open to the incertitude of women’s lives, the artist’s domestic everyday life and its intimacy. Ambrosi’s present can in fact be recognized in the most intimate, most domestic things, those objects whose bodies have left a sign of their life and place on the packaging enveloping them.

Ambrosi is involved in “Actions of Art”, whose objective is to show works in alternative sites, outside the galleries and the spaces officially assigned to them, in order to communicate new forms of language, sentiments and sensitivity in a feminine key.



Using luminous neon wire, Ambrosi weaves her tale, but does so with whimsy, as a hermetic form she does not wish to relate, as the sinuous rhythm that restores a dance step’s pace of the story. 


When art creates balls of yarn or clothes hangers with fluorescent tubing, perception of the object becomes the virtual contradiction of an objectual reality that is dense yet impalpable and elusive.

Come it's late!

The swing is also a metaphor for life and its equilibriums, and in Come it’s late! it refers simply to those words the artist often heard when she was playing.

El grembial de Sveno

I start imagining the grocer, when he moved out of the room for the last time, closing the door and leaving the stock behind: an apron hanging from the fridge, a few shopping lists scattered around, some pasta on the shelf.


Fragment is a sinuous and deformed by time texture on which bright curls stand out, gaining consistency in the tridimensionality.