The first LED drivers in the world
Made with resin

Resin LED drivers

F/ART created its exclusive formula and working procedure, highly specialised and at the cutting edge of its field. This led the Company to obtain a series of important technological benefits.
In 2019 F/ART launched its new products for powering LEDs used in lighting and for signs, applying its know-how in such a way as to create the first LED power supplies in the world with resin encapsulation.
Image of  [2020]  LED DRIVER range expansion


News 2020


F/ART adds new models to its range of epoxy resin LED drivers Made in Italy.

After one year, the section of products for lighting and LED signs has been expanded with the company aim of applying continuous improvement.

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Image of  [2019] New LED drivers


News 2019


F/ART launched a new line of products dedicated to powering LED lighting and signs at FESPA 2019. This fair is dedicated to non-printed signs and visual communications celebrates the theme Explosion of possibilities.
For over 70 years, F/ART has specialised in the production of high voltage transformers for cold-cathode tubular discharge lamps, while also applying our know-how to the LED sector. The result is an original and innovative resin product capable of meeting the lighting market’s diverse needs.

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