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History of neon

The term neon derives from the Greek word "Neos," which means "new gas." Georges Claude introduced the first neon lamp to the public on December 11, 1910, in Paris.

History of Neon
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Made in Italy

From the start F/ART has designed and made its products exclusively in Italy. The combination of the company know-how, across the board skills, providing innovative technological solutions for the constantly changing market needs can only be obtained within a specific and unique scenario. A production context that produces the tangible synthesis of the specific culture of a single area: Treviso, where the company has been working and manufacturing for more than seventy years.

100% Made in Italy
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Color Range

Neon can satisfy every expressive need, even in terms of color. In fact, the lighting systems designed, manufactured and marketed by the Company can meet every expectation: giving color to shape, or shape to color, depending on the requirements and perspectives of the project.

color range
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Neon Features

Cold cathode Lamps (known as Neon) are artistic lamps created by master blowers, not to be confused with fluorescent lamps for industrial production.

These lamps are exclusively made of glass and contain a noble gas or a mixture of them (mainly: Neon and Argon).

Neon Features
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Neon Fake News

It is very easy to run into fake news and hoaxes while surfing the web. The neon sector is not immune and often you can come across incorrect, misleading or even purely invented information.

F/ART, with more than 74 years of experience with the cold cathode, has collected the most common false myths and explained them in a very simply way.

Neon Fake News
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