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From the start F/ART has designed and made its products exclusively in Italy. The combination of the company know-how, across the board skills, providing innovative technological solutions for the constantly changing market needs can only be obtained within a specific and unique scenario. A production context that produces the tangible synthesis of the specific culture of a single area: Treviso, where the company has been working and manufacturing for more than seventy years.

Obviously an area cannot be transferred elsewhere, which is why we do everything to enhance and defend the exclusivity – include territorial – of the know-how that we have always developed and offered our customers. Notwithstanding a few futile attempts, none of our competitors has ever managed to copy us, and they cannot even get close to the typical and universally recognized quality level of our transformers.

Forever recognised around the world, the Made in Italy values of design, quality and innovation are strongly and rightly appreciated and sought by an increasingly vast international clientele. We personally add to this value system our distinctive safety value. In fact, the company has never even considered outsourcing – not even in part – because we firmly believe in people’s professionalism and the local culture they are able to express, and also because we feel it is our essential duty to assure each of our employees and collaborators a work environment designed and lived in the full respect of safety, backed up by a fair and appropriate contracted salary.