How to create a neon lamp? It’s an artisanal work by master “blowers”.
From F.A.R.T. to F/ART: our neon installation timelapse.
Happy frugality or planned obsolescence? Serge Latouche in Treviso as guest of F/ART, speaks about the issues of consumption in our society.
F/ART team building at Arte Sella in Borgo Valsugana (TN, Italy).
192 F/ART neon transformers have been used to light up the neon installations at Kasikorn Bank in Bangkok (Thailand).
Installation timelapse of a custom made neon world map for a private house in Treviso (Italy).
Neon artwork for the artists Marotta&Russo during “Biennale del Disegno” in Rimini (Italy). This is a collaboration between F/ART, , CMN group, Neon Rimini, Glostertube. There is an arduino connected with the motion of Rimini’s tides which turns on/off the writing following this rhythm.
Collaboration with the artist Federica Marangoni for the realization of the artwork “the leading thread” installed in Ca’Pesaro Palace (Venice, Italy) in 2015.
/ART was Artissima partner also for the twenty-fifth edition (2018). This fair is well-known in the world to host only contemporary art. For this occasion, we created the neon work for DAF STRUTTURA, the new experimental school born thanks to the collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.
We created the internal protection Protec to fullfil the Norm EN50107-2. It’s mandatory in Europe for neon installation powered up by transformers from 1KV to 10KV.
La protezione interna TotalPro è stata da noi realizzata per coprire le esigenze della normativa EN50107-2 e aggiungere utleriore sicurezza. E' obbligatoria in Europa per lampade a catodo freddo installate al di sotto di 2.5 metri di altezza. We created the internal protection TotalPro to fullfil the Norm EN50107-2 and to add more safety. It’s mandatory in Europe for neon installation installed under 2.5m of height.