thursday 01 june 2023 | Art, Events, Blog, News&Press

In this monthly column, we delve into the vibrancy of neon art, exploring the most exciting exhibitions taking place around the world this month. From cityscapes to abstract masterpieces, we turn the spotlight on visionary artists fearlessly pushing the boundaries of the cold cathode lamp. Whether you are an art connoisseur, avid collector or simply intrigued by the dynamic fusion of light and art, this column is your ultimate guide to discovering June's most beautiful neon art exhibitions. Prepare to be fascinated and inspired!

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sunday 30 april 2023 | Art, Events, Blog, News&Press

Neon is a light source that is more than a hundred years old. It began as a scientific discovery and was then used worldwide as a luminous sign. In recent decades it has also increasingly come to life as an element of contemporary art.

Would you like to visit some exhibitions dedicated to neon or see artworks handcrafted from real neon? Then you can't miss our May 2023 calendar!

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friday 07 april 2023 | News&Press, Products
Our power factor correctors allow a more economical and efficient use of energy due to lower current absorption. This also leads to better functioning of the entire system: transformer, mains cable, sign or artwork
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saturday 01 april 2023 | Art, Events, News&Press

If you are looking for what to do over the Easter holiday, here are our contemporary art-themed suggestions.

April's F/ART calendar includes 10 neonart exhibitions and installations around the world.

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wednesday 01 march 2023 | Art, Events, News&Press

The March calendar includes 10 neonart exhibitions and installations all over the world.

If you are a fan of contemporary art and light art, you cannot miss these temporary events!

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tuesday 31 january 2023 | Art, Events, News&Press

If you are a contemporary art and light art lover, you cannot miss these works made with cold cathode lamps.
Our agenda includes proposals and exhibitions exclusively related to the neon world, an artistic light source with a craftsmanship that has made history.

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tuesday 17 january 2023 | News&Press, Events, Art
For lovers of contemporary art, we have created a selection of must-see exhibitions in Italy in January 2023.
The F/ART calendar includes proposals and exhibitions exclusively related to the world of neon, an artistic light source that is now more than 100 years old.
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tuesday 13 december 2022 | News&Press, News, Products
The new company presentation brochure is now available in digital format. It includes all types of products designed and manufactured by F/ART: power supplies for LEDs, neon transformers, surge protectors, accessories for light games, air and surface sanitisation.
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tuesday 27 september 2022 | Events, News&Press
From 2 to 4 December, we look forward to seeing you in Naples (Italy) at the Arkeda fair, the architecture, building, design and furniture exhibition.
We will present F/ARYA Sanitisation Technology a project by F/ART to protect people by enabling them to live and work in a sanitised environment. F/ARYA devices act actively, eliminating viruses, bacteria, moulds and help to reduce even unpleasant odours and VOC.
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wednesday 21 september 2022 | Events, News&Press
F/ART will exhibit at Saudi Build in Riyadh from 14 to 17 November. It's the 32nd International Trade Exhibition for Construction Materials, Building & Environmental Technologies.
Come and meet us to discover our innovative solutions for: LED lighting (waterproof led drivers, SPD, dimmers) and Sanitisation with different technologies such as ozone, non thermal plasma and UV-C
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