Don’t miss these neon installations during Christmas holidays

Don’t miss these neon installations during Christmas holidays

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During the holidays between Christmas, New Year and Epiphany it is the right time to devote yourself to travel and culture. For neon art lovers, F/ART has collected some suggestions around the world you must see.

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Milan (MI) – Cerith Wyn Evans. ....The illuminating Gas

When: 31st October 2019 – 23rd February 2020
Where: Pirelli HangarBicocca
Entrance: free
Opening time: Thursday - Sunday, h 10 am - 10 pm
Link: Pirelli HangarBicocca

Artist: Cerith Wyn is one of the most acclaimed British artists of recent decades. He soon garnered acclaim for his experimental short films. As of the 1990s, the artist abandoned film altogether, and concentrated on creating sculptures, installations, photographs, and site-specific or performative interventions. Wyn Evans’s research focuses on language and perception, and is characterized by the use of ephemeral elements such as light and sound. He often uses cold cathode lamps (neon).
Exhibition: “….the Illuminating Gas” presents twenty-four works—earlier sculptures, complex monumental installations, and new productions—occupying more than 5,000 square meters of the Navate and the Cubo sections of Pirelli HangarBicocca. All of the elements along the Navate are suspended and form an elaborate visual score conceived by the artist.


Photo: Agostino Osio / courtesy of Pirelli HangarBicocca


Bassano (VI) – Francesco Candeloro. Occhi del Tempo & Templi di Luce

When: 7th September 2019 – 20th January 2020
Where: Chiostro, Museo Civico Bassano - Piazza Garibaldi 34, Bassano del Grappa (VI) Italy
Entrance: free
Opening time: Monday to Sunday 10am – 7 pm, closed on Tuesday and 25th December and 1st January
Link: Civic Museums

Artist: Francesco Candeloro places at he center of his research the dimensions of light and color that, together with shape, sign, rhythm and movement, are clues to investigate temporal and spatial dynamics.
Exhibition: Eyes of Time & Temples of Light
Candeloro places the work within the central well of the Cloister, alluding to the bell tower cusp of the nearby San Francesco church, with the movements of light generated from power alternating colored neon. Bassano del Grappa Civic Museums are completed with the Temples of Light opera, a permanent piece of art that becomes part of the city collections specifically designed for two bookshop windows.

Photo: Lorenzo Ceretta / Courtesy of Musei Civici Bassano


Milan (MI) – G+G. Son et lumière

When: 4-23 December 2019
Where: Galleria Rossana Orlandi – Via Bandello 14 Milano Italiy
Entrance: free
Opening time: Monday to Saturday h 10 am – 7 pm. Closed on Sunday, 25th December and 6th January
Link: Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Artists: the artistic duo G+G comes from various work experiences: in music, design, writing and entrepreneurship. They began to collaborate on conceptual art projects in 2014. Their work are exhibited permanently at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery.
Exhibition: comic book characters, who have always been the merry stylistic signature of the authors, are no longer just spectators but become actors who, entering the centre of the works, make them live almost like theatrical pieces, communicating their empathy with the language onomatopoeic typical of cartoons. The presence of neon also emphasizing even more the emotions of verbal communication, at the same time wants to recall the great tradition of artists Dan Flavin to Kosuth.


Photo courtesy of  Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Turin (TO) – Luci d’Artista

When: 29th October 2019 – 12th January 2020
Where: city center
Opening time: evening
Link: Spazio Torino, ContemporaryArt Piemonte, pagina facebook

Artists: Mario Merz, Joseph Kosuth, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Marco Gastini, Luigi Stoisa, Alfredo Jaar
Event: Luci d’Artista is a1998 project by Turin city with the aim of bringing art out of institutional spaces. In the urban area, the exhibition offers a special path along which the public will be able to grasp the various poetic visions expressed by the works created by artists linked by their attraction for light, as an immaterial element rich in potential. There are 25 installations: 15 in the center and 10 in the districts.


“Amare le differenze” by Michelangelo Pistoletto / ​“Cultura=Capitale” by Alfredo Jaar / “Il volo dei numeri” by Mario Mertz



Madrid (Spain) – Mario Merz. Time is Mute

When: 10th October 2019 – 29th March 2020
Where: Palacio de Velázquez, Parque del Retiro, Reina Sofía Museum
Entrance: free
Opening time: 10 am – 6 pm (closed on 25th December, 1st and 6th January)
Link: Reina Sofia Museum

Artist: Mario Merz is a key figure for understanding the evolution of European art in the second half of the twentieth century. Merz created a conceptually rigorous oeuvre of great poetic and iconographic power that was also a radical critique of industrial and consumerist modernity. Merz used recycled objects and materials of organic origin (sand, clay, wax, branches, coal…) and from the industrial world and consumer culture (tiles, glass, neon lights, wire, newspapers) to create his paintings, sculptures, and installations.
Exhibition: “Time is Mute” explores the various aspects of Merz’s work through a selection of more than sixty pieces. The exhibition revisits the artistic artifacts and motifs that made him famous, as well as lesser-known projects that he made at the start and in the final years of his career.



Photo courtesy of Reina Sofia Museum

Warsaw (Poland) – Neon Muzeum

Where: Neon Muzeum – Building 55, Soho Factory, Ul. Mińska 25, Warsaw (Poland)
Entrance: from 2€
Opening time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday h 12-17. Sunday h 11-17
Link: Neon Muzeum

Museum: The Neon Muzeum is dedicated to the documentation and the preservation of Cold War era neon signs and electro-graphic design. The permanent collection contains hundreds of dazzling neon signs and other electro-graphic artefacts; many of which were designed by the great artists of the age – who were responsible for the world-famous Polish Poster School. They have also initiated a campaign to protect the last important neon signs within their original urban environment.

Photo courtesy Warsaw Neon Muzeum


Singen (Germany) –  Laddie John Dill. Museum Art&Cars

Where:MAC Museum Art & Cars, Singen, Germany 
Entrance: a partire da 8€
Opening time: from Wednesday to Friday 2-5pm. Saturday 1-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm. Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Link: Museum Art&Cars Singen

Artist: Laddie John Dill was born in Long Beach, CA in 1943. He graduated from Chouinard Art Institute in 1968 with a BFA. After graduating, Dill became a printing apprentice and worked closely with established artists, like Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Johns. Laddie John Dill’s work is in the permanent collections of national and international institutions such as Museum of Modern Art, NY; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA; Museum of Contemporary Art, CA; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA; High Museum, GA; The Phillips Collection, DC; Chicago Art Institute, IL; Smithsonian, DC; Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark; Pio Monte della Misericordia, Italy; Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, CA; and Museo Jumex, Mexico. He currently lives and works in Venice, CA where he maintains a studio.
Exhibition: "California Abstract" shows works by Laddie John Dill and Todd Williamson in two seperate exhibitions that interact with historically significant automobiles curated with the artists. A unique symbiosis of two international, highly decorated, Los Angeles artists. Laddie John Dill shows some of his neon artwork in combination with his metal artwork.  

Foto su concessione del Museo Art&Cars MAC



Mendrisio (Switzerland) - Koen Vanmechelen. The worth of life

When: 4th October 2019 – 2nd February 2020
Where: Teatro Architettura Mendrisio, Via Turconi 25, 6850 Mendrisio, Svizzera
Entrance: 7-10€
Opening time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12pm – 6pm. Thursday 2pm – 8pm
Link: Teatro architettura Mendrisio

Artista: Koen Vanmechelen is a Flemish artist who employs a diversity of approaches to his cross-disciplinary practice, from painting and sculpture, to video and installations, to drawing and glasswork, in addition to his living art initiatives. He has centred his work on the relation between nature and culture. Acclaimed for his exploration of the intersections between art and science.

Exhibition: “The Worth of Life 1982-2019”, curated by Didi Bozzini, is an exhibition of more than sixty-five pieces – which were all realized between 1982 and 2019 – intended to highlight the more strictly plastic aspects of this artist’s body of work, with particular regard to his neo-baroque disposition. In the course of the exhibition – among sculptures, paintings, neon, lambda prints and installations – Vanmechelen sees art as a practice of re-invention of nature, a privileged access door to its secrets and essential requirement to its preservation.

Foto: Enrico Cano. Su concessione del Teatro dell’architettura Mendrisio.




Las Vegas – Tim Burton. Lost Vegas

When: 15th October 2019 – 15th February 2020
Where: Neon Museum - The Neon Museum 770 Las Vegas Blvd., North Las Vegas, NV 89101
Price: 24-30$
Schedule: first tour 9 am, last at 11.30 pm
Link: Neon Museum, Tickets

Artist: Tim Burton s a famous American director, producer, artist, writer, and animator. He is known for his dark, gothic, and eccentric horror and fantasy films.
Exhibition: Lost Vegas comprises sculptural and digital installations that celebrate Burton’s links to Las Vegas and its historical neon heritage. These artworks, many of which are site-specific creations, will be displayed in the Neon Boneyard and incorporated into Brilliant!, the museum’s permanent projection mapping North Gallery installation. The museum’s distinctive campus will be transformed through the artist’s singular vision for this original exhibition of new work as well as previously exhibited pieces. The main films referenced are Mars Attacks! and Beetlejuice.


Photo courtesy Las Vegas Neon Museum

Toledo (OH) – Joseph Kosuth. The way in which language signifies is mirrored in its use

When: from 5th December 2019
Where: Toledo Museum, 2445 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH
Price: free
Opening time: Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 am - 4 pm; Thursday and Friday, 10am - 9 pm; Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm; Sunday, Noon to 5 pm. Closed Monday and major holidays
Link: Toledo Museum of Art

Artist: Joseph Kosuth is one of the pioneers of conceptual art and installation art, his work has consistently explored the role of language and meaning within art.
Artwork: The way in which language signifies is mirrored in its use is a site-specific neon work commissioned by TMA and designed by the artist. Kosuth is quoting Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, who wrote about language and explored the relationship between concept, form and function.  The neon phrase asks us to stop and think a moment. The relationship between concept and form is also at the heart of Kosuth’s work as an artist.

Joseph Kosuth, The way in which language signifies is mirrored in its use, 2019, neon, Purchased with funds from the Libbey Endowment, Gift of Edward Drummond Libbey, PC2018.31.01


San Francisco – Neon tours

When: 12, 14 December 2019 / 4, 10, 18 January 2020 / 8, 13, 15 February 2020
Where: San Francisco city
Price: 15-30$
Time: from afternoon to evening
Link: SF Neon

Events: Guided tours to visit the historic neon lights in San Francisco area. The tours depart in the late afternoon and finish in the evening so you can better observe the lights of the cold cathode lamps. The places available are limited and the month of December is already fully booked, it is advisable to book early!

Photo courtesy


Glendale (CA) – MONA. Museum of Neon Art

Where: 216 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91204
Price: from 5$ (Children <12years free)
Opening time: from Wednesday to Saturday 12pm-7pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm. Closed from Monday to Tuesday and Christmas Day+New Year’s Day.
Link: Neon MONA

Museum: The Museum of Neon Art is the only museum in the world devoted exclusively to art in electric media, exhibiting electric and kinetic fine art, and outstanding examples of historic neon signs, for over three decades. The MONA facility in Glendale has a classroom on the premises where visitors can watch skilled neon craftspeople fabricating and processing the neon tube and take handson classes to learn this fascinating art form.
Noctambulant is a dynamic and multi-sensory experience, traversing time and space to simulate the restless, surreal state of the sleepwalker. Neon is often associated with nocturnal activities, as people both find and lose themselves on city paths illuminated by the comforting, yet unsettling glow of neon signage. These works straddle the boundary of ethereal and ever-present.
Johnson’s sculptures radiate far beyond the confines of their pristine surfaces. An array of colored light blends in the gallery to transfix the visitor in atmospheric illuminations. Inspired by Op Art, Minimalism, and the Southern California Light and Space Movement of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Photo Courtesy of NeonArt MONA