F/ART as Airbnb partner with Lorenzo Vitturi for Casa Cuoco in Molise

F/ART as Airbnb partner with Lorenzo Vitturi for Casa Cuoco in Molise

friday 06 december 2019 | Art, Press review, News, News&Press
Image of  F/ART as Airbnb partner with Lorenzo Vitturi for Casa Cuoco in Molise

Starting from 15 January 2020 it will be possible to book Vincenzo Cuoco's home (a famous Enlightenment) discovering the beauty of the place, between art, design and architecture. "Casa Cuoco" is a nineteenth-century residence whose interiors were embellished by the installation of a neon artwork designed by the international artist Lorenzo Vitturi and created by F/ART for Airbnb.

This is the fourth artist residence joined in Airbnb project "Italian villages", in collaboration with MiBACT.

The curator Federica Sala has chosen the artist Lorenzo Vitturi for his multidisciplinary approach, who has created an installation in between sculpture and photography by strong colors, becoming inspired by Cook and the town itself.

"Vitturi's work interweaves photography and sculpture thanks to a work on materials, shapes and colors."
Says project curator Federica Sala.

All the works fit into the broader context of the architectural work carried out by Eligo Studio, which takes up the theme of monochrome volumes, outlining the different areas of the house.
Brand Partners of the project are the companies Bitossi Home, Caparol, cc-tapis, Diesel Living with Moroso, ex.t, F/Art, Foscarini, paradisoterrestre, Smeg, Vitra.

Lorenzo Vitturi Neon artwork byF/ART, lights by Foscarini and ex.t, paints by Caparol, bed by Diesel Living with Moroso, carpet by cc-tapis.

Casa Cuoco in Civitacampomarano

Civitacampomarano is a hillside village in the Southern Italy in the Molise region, which has only 386 inhabitants but has become known in recent years for the important street art interventions that animate the buildings and streets of the place.

The work of art by Lorenzo Vitturi

The idea to engage artist Lorenzo Vitturi arrived from a perspective of dialogue with the village and the home: the Italian artist who lives and works between London and Venice was asked to create a site-specific project for the Airbnb artist residence and, inspired by the village and the territory, he gave life to a monochrome photographic triptych that enriches the rooms of the house.
The work consists of three elements: "Oltremare Est Ovest" ( overseas east west ) is the first, placed on the entrance stairway to the house and accompanied by a neon light made by the company F/Art. It was positioned according to the cardinal orientation of the village, as well as the two minor works, “Oltremare Sud” ( overseas south ) and “Oltremare Nord” ( overseas north ), also depicting subjects similar to the main work and placed inside the house in symmetrical dialogue with respect to window that opens onto the valley.

Lorenzo Vitturi starts from reading the book Platone in Italia by Vincenzo Cuoco himself, focusing in particular on the duality between the earth and the sea described in the novel.

Federica Sala, project curator

Domestic appliances by Smeg, chairs by Vitra, kitchen decor by Bitossi Home, lights by Foscarini, paints by Caparol, bath decor by ex.t.