Memory The Light Of Time - Federica Marangoni

Memory The Light Of Time - Federica Marangoni

thursday 24 march 2022 | Art, Events, News, News&Press
Image of  Memory  The Light Of Time - Federica Marangoni

Federica Marangoni, a well-known Venetian artist, whose works can be found in museums around the world, will inaugurate her new exhibition at the Marciana National Library, in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

F/ART, involved as a technological partner, will not only illuminate the Artist's neon works, but has also programmed light effects with LEDs, thanks to the new light control unit, the latest innovation branded F/ART.

Memory The Light of Time


Opening: 7th April 2022
When: 18.00
Where: National Marciana Library (Venice)


Memory the Light of Time is a dialogue between Contemporary Art, of light and pixel, through the memory thread of creativity, with the great Sansovino’s architecture, a new oneiric creation of the artist who faces unique and almost secret path with the lightness of works that do not contaminate the classical space while being a strong and engaging presence. A creation dedicated to Venice, starting from its oldest site, the heart of its history. The themes of the Book, the Light the Word, are the traces that the Artist left behind in a long career. Federica Marangoni has always worked with media as video, neon and glass, in dialogue with each others in famous video installations and sculptures, such as the Archive of Memory created in 1996, in this exhibition revisited with a new dimension.