Neon Art exhibitions in July 2020

Neon Art exhibitions in July 2020

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Neon art lovers can’t miss these awesome exhibitions about the artistic cold cathode lamps, in July 2020

Please follow strictly the measures of distancing and safety regulations of each Country and behavioural instructions for each location.




Venice (Italy) - Arthur Duff. I dreamed a dream

When: 22 May – 26 September 2020
Where: Marignana Arte, Venezia, Italia
Link: Marignana Arte – Arthur Duff

Artist: Arthur Duff was born in Wiesbaden in 1973. After living in the United States, where his parents are from, he went to Korea, Germany Japan and settled down in Italy. He currently lives and works in Vicenza. Arthur Duff’s artistic research aims to achieve a progressive involvement and identification between visitor and space, in a temporal short-circuit that combines past and present. Duff works and assembles different organic and inorganic materials (polyester wires and nets, lava stone, paper, neon, laser), which he uses to reason on the concept of light and light pulsation, intended as a dynamic tool of knowledge.

Exhibition: I dreamed a dream is designed as the content of a certain dream, never revealed, in which various images alternate, like the fantastic reproduction that occurs in the awareness of the content of a tangible experience or the free elaboration of what might be the content of said experience.
The evanescence of each individual work, present even among the sculptural elements alluding to the materiality of reality, seems to murmur tales of dreams that together form a single dreaming chorus.

Duff,Tookoonooka 8P_Tuttle, 2019, neon,polyester cord, electric cable


Termoli (CB, Italy) - Nanda Vigo LIGHT PROJECT

When: 20th May - 13th September 2020
Where: MACTE, Termoli, Italy
Link: MACTE – Nanda Vigo

Artist: Nanda Vigo (Milan, 1936 - 2020) graduated from the Institute Polytechnique in Lausanne. From 1959 she began to exhibit her works in galleries and museums in Europe; she is part in Gruppo Zero, with which she still exhibits, in addition to collaborations with Gio Ponti and Lucio Fontana. In 1965 he curated the legendary exhibition "ZERO avantgarde" in Lucio Fontana's studio in Milan. In her activity Vigo operates with an interdisciplinary relationship between art, design, architecture, environment, was engaged in multiple projects both in its capacity as architect and designer and artist.

Exhibition: the exhibition celebrates one of the most important Italian figures of her generation - a pioneer of experimentation between art, architecture and design - by inserting herself in the study and enhancement of the permanent collection and the history of the Termoli Prize activated by MACTE since its opening. Nanda Vigo LIGHT PROJECT 2020 merges the works into a single story: the dark space of the circular room of the MACTE - illuminated exclusively by the light of the neon works - immerses the visitor on a journey through the universe of the artist, made of life and research, of experience and aspirations to knowledge.

Photo: Gino di Paolo Artista: Nanda Vigo MACTE – Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli


San Gimignano (SI, Italy) - “The Artist-Collector’s Dream (a nice thing)”

When: 22nd February – 6th September 2020
Where: Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (SI), Italy
Link: Galleria Continua

Artists: Monica Bonvicini, Geta Bratescu, Daniel Buren, Chen Zhen, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ceal Floyer, Shilpa Gupta, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Anish Kapoor, Sol LeWitt, Andrei Monastyrski, Rudi Ninov, Dan Perjovschi, Raymond Pettibon, Carol Rama, Karin Sander, Roman Signer, Dimitar Solakov, Artur Zmijewski

Exhibition: “The Artist-Collector’s Dream (a nice thing)” is an exhibition that sees the Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov simultaneously engaged in playing multiple roles: artist, collector, architect of the realisation of one of his dreams. Ultimately, the creator of an inclusive and decidedly original exhibition project.
There is variety of artists, who differ widely with regard to their origins, artistic interests and formation.
Nedko's son Dimitar Solakov is the artist of the neon artworks in this exhibition.


THE ARTIST-COLLECTOR’S DREAM (A NICE THING) Artista: Dimitar Solakov Opere: Ice Caps, Permafrost insegne a neon
Courtesy: the artist and GALLERIA CONTINUA Photo by: Ela Bialkowska, OKNO Studio 


Milan (MI, Italy) – Cerith Wyn Evans. The illuminating Gas

When: 31st October 2019 – 26th July 2020
Where: Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan
Entrance: free
Link: Pirelli HangarBicocca - Covid FAQ

Artist: Cerith Wyn is one of the most acclaimed British artists of recent decades. He soon garnered acclaim for his experimental short films. As of the 1990s, the artist abandoned film altogether, and concentrated on creating sculptures, installations, photographs, and site-specific or performative interventions. Wyn Evans’s research focuses on language and perception, and is characterized by the use of ephemeral elements such as light and sound. He often uses cold cathode lamps (neon).

Exhibition: “….the Illuminating Gas” presents twenty-four works—earlier sculptures, complex monumental installations, and new productions—occupying more than 5,000 square meters of the Navate and the Cubo sections of Pirelli HangarBicocca. All of the elements along the Navate are suspended and form an elaborate visual score conceived by the artist.

Milan (MI, Italy) – Uberti Massimo. Lost and Foud

When: May – end of summer 2020
Where: Villa Singer, Milan

Artist: Massimo Uberti is among the most important light art artists. Light is an indispensable tool in the hands of an artist, and a material on a par with others in architecture.
Curator: Rossana Ciocca

Exhibition: Massimo Uberti has always worked with space, in #lostandfound he investigated the house, as a body.
In Modulor Le Courbusier reminds us how “Taking possession of the space is the first gesture of living beings, humans, animals, plants and clouds, the fundamental manifestation of balance and solidity. The first test of existence is that of occupying space”. The relationship between inside and outside is part of our being, but it is only by shaping the world that we can truly express what we are.
#lostandfound is a project that tells the space of inside and outside; the value of space is fundamental in the relationship between the self and the other.
Two works: an external neon and a golden stone placed in the garden of Villa Singer, as in a duplicity, as in a dialogue, as has always been the path of our individual and collective history.

Massimo Uberti, Lost and Founf. Photo: F. Stipari


Madrid (Spain) – Mario Merz. Time is Mute

When: 10th October 2019 – 30th August 2020
Where: Palacio de Velázquez, Parque del Retiro
Link: Reina Sofia Museum - Covid FAQ

Artist: Mario Merz is a key figure for understanding the evolution of European art in the second half of the twentieth century. Merz created a conceptually rigorous oeuvre of great poetic and iconographic power that was also a radical critique of industrial and consumerist modernity. Merz used recycled objects and materials of organic origin (sand, clay, wax, branches, coal…) and from the industrial world and consumer culture (tiles, glass, neon lights, wire, newspapers) to create his paintings, sculptures, and installations.

Exhibition: “Time is Mute” explores the various aspects of Merz’s work through a selection of more than sixty pieces. The exhibition revisits the artistic artifacts and motifs that made him famous, as well as lesser-known projects that he made at the start and in the final years of his career.


Paris (France) – Cuba Mi Amor

When: 2nd July – 29th July 2020
Where: Galerie Mitterand, 79 Rue du Temple, Paris, France
Link: Galleria Continua

Artists: Pascale Marthine Tayou / Alejandro Campins / Ivan Capote / Yoan Capote / Elizabet Cerviño / Carlos Garaicoa / Osvaldo González / Luis López-Chávez / José Mesías / Susana Pilar / José Yaque

Mostra: Cuba Mi Amor, presents Cuban and international artists in relationship to the fascinating island state. 
The neon work by Pascale Marthine Tayou gives the exhibition its title.

Pascale Marthine Tayou Cuba Mi Amor Courtesy: the artist and GALLERIA CONTINUA  Copyright Line: © ADAGP, Paris


Unna (Germnay) – Neon Delight

When: March 14 – August 16, 2020
Where: Centre for International Light Art Unna
Link: www.lichtkunst-unna.der – Booking is mandatory due to Covid restrictions

Artists: Tracey Emin (GB) Jeppe Hein (DK) Brigitte Kowanz (AT) Mario Merz (IT) François Morellet (FR) Jan van Munster (NL) Maurizio Nannucci (IT) Bruce Nauman (US) Bruno Peinado (FR) Anselm Reyle (DE) Bernardi Roig (ES) Keith Sonnier (US) Olivia Steele (US) Giny Vos (NL)

Exhibition: With NEON DELIGHT, the Centre for International Light Art in Unna dedicates an exhibition to the material used most frequently in light art. The museum brings together the most well-known international artists working in neon-based light art in its unique, underground, raw spaces. Works from the 1960s to the present provide a representative overview of neon in light art.
The sensual, dazzling radiance and the intense signaling effect of neon art is what makes it so appealing—in addition to its proximity to the realm of the technical, the artificial, the world of products, pop, and advertising. Physics and metaphysics are rarely merged so closely in art. Initially, however, glass tubes filled with neon gas had a purely signaling character and were used in cities at night for advertising purposes beginning in the twentieth century; they illuminated Paris, New York, Berlin, or Las Vegas. The gas that creates the effect we know as neon light when electrically charged was discovered by the end of the nineteenth century. Since the 1960s in particular, neon has also been a theme of visual art. The production of such works of art has not changed since then: even today, each tube is individually blown by a glassblower and filled with gas.

François Morellet – No End Neon [Pier and Ocean] (2001/02), Jan van Munster – Ich [im Dialog] (2005) Photo: Frank Vinken


Berlin (Germany) - Kerim Seiler

When: from June 2020
Where: Kink Bar & Restaurant, Schönhauser Allee 176, Berlin

Artists: Neon: Kerim Seiler, Interior: Oliver Mansaray and Daniel Scheppan (the two owners)
Kerim Seiler (born in 1974, Bern, Switzerland) has developed a complex, philosophic sculptural approach to working with space. From colourful and inflatable molecule sculptures to permanent neon light installations and architectural performative artworks, Seiler’s visual language merges complex theories of positivism and metaphysics.

Location: A restaurant, bar and in-house culinary laboratory, KINK Bar & Restaurant opens in a restored industrial building, nested in the sociocultural centre Pfefferberg, host to various galleries, artist studios and event venues. Sustaining a constant dialogue with contemporary art and design, the wide room is reinvested through a selection of contemporary installations and works presented throughout the restaurant and bar. At its core, suspended from its high ceiling, Swiss contemporary artist Kerim Seiler’s Spaceknot (Pfefferberg) – a large-scale site-specific work consisting of over 100 meters of red neon tubes – elegantly loops through the space. Rethinking the void “as his canvas,” the artist transforms what appears to be a two-dimensional twisted knot into a multi-dimensional space-embracing sculpture.

Kink Bar, Germany


Singen (Germany) –  Laddie John Dill. Museum Art&Cars

Where: Parkstrasse 1, D-78224 Singen am Hohentwiel
Link: Museum Art&Cars Singen

Artist: Laddie John Dill was born in Long Beach, CA in 1943. He graduated from Chouinard Art Institute in 1968 with a BFA. After graduating, Dill became a printing apprentice and worked closely with established artists, like Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Johns. Laddie John Dill’s work is in the permanent collections of national and international institutions such as Museum of Modern Art, NY; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA; Museum of Contemporary Art, CA; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA; High Museum, GA; The Phillips Collection, DC; Chicago Art Institute, IL. He currently lives and works in Venice, CA where he maintains a studio.

Exhibition: "California Abstract" shows works by Laddie John Dill and Todd Williamson in two seperate exhibitions that interact with historically significant automobiles curated with the artists. A unique symbiosis of two international, highly decorated, Los Angeles artists. Laddie John Dill shows some of his neon artwork in combination with his metal artwork. 

Foto su concessione del Museo Art&Cars MAC


Warsaw (Poland) – Neon Muzeum

Where: Neon Muzeum – Building 55, Soho Factory, Ul. Mińska 25, Warsaw (Poland)
Link: Neon Muzeum - Covid FAQ

Museum: The Neon Muzeum is dedicated to the documentation and the preservation of Cold War era neon signs and electro-graphic design. The permanent collection contains hundreds of dazzling neon. They have also initiated a campaign to protect the last important neon signs within their original urban environment.

Photo courtesy Warsaw Neon Muzeum




New York - Assume vivid astro focus

When: June 29 – August 31, 2020
Where: WINDOW by Anton Kern Gallery (91 Walker Street, New York, NY - corner of Walker and Lafayette Street)
Link: Anton Kern Gallery

Artists: The collective assume vivid astro focus (avaf) was formed in New York City in 2001. Its principal members are Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson. Avaf fuses drawing, sculpture, video, and performance into carnavalesque installations in which gender, politics, and cultural codes float freely. A study in visual adaptation and modification, avaf’s work recycles and transforms imagery from one project to the next—often in the form of densely patterned wallpapers and graphic signage.

Exhibition: Neon is light trapped inside a three-dimensional contained shape. There is an interesting quality of being sensuous "vintage technology" which cultivates both melancholy and wonderment. It's fascinating how soothing and otherworldly a neon can be. The artists explored the neon "neurotic" properties when animated and flickering to a programmed “choreography”.

Assume vivid astro focus: Starburst (2012) a very anxious feeling (2007)
Neon tubes, programmed animation, transformers, control unit, plywood and mirrored plexiglas structure


Los Angeles - Lucio Fontana Walking the Space: Ambienti Spaziali

When: 13th February – 13th September 2020
Where: Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles, Gallerie del Nord A, B, e galleria del est
Link: Hauser & Wirth

Artist: In each work, Fontana invents new methods to apply concepts of spatialism, freeing himself from the confines of the object in order to continue his search for modern modes of expression and perception.
Exhibition: Arranged chronologically the exhibition will feature nine of Fontana’s environments, dating from the years spanning 1948 to 1968. Due to the rigorous research conducted through the materials of Fondazione Lucio Fontana’s archives, a foundation dedicated to researching and documenting the artist’s career, the exhibition in LA presents meticulous reconstructions of the original Spatial Environments which were historically dismantled and destroyed at the close of exhibition.

San Francisco – Neon tours

When: June 2020
Where: San Francisco city
Link: SF Neon

Neon tour online: virtual walk under the neon lights of the city of San Francisco, together with the authors Al Barna and Randall Ann Homan. Tickets are free, but a $ 10 donation is recommended.
Tours start at 7.45 pm and the following are currently scheduled:

  • Thu 7/23 Tenderloin East Neon and Ghost Signs
  • Thu 8/6 SF Neon Chinatown  Part 1
  • Thur 8/20 SF Neon Chinatown Part 2


Glendale (CA) – MONA. Museum of Neon Art

When: starting from 11th July, only during weekends
Where: 216 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91204
Link: Neon MONA

Exhibition: New to Neon: Keeping the Craft Aglow
The museum will open its doors to a limited number of people starting July 11 by applying strict security and sanitation measures. In the meantime, MONA will continue to provide online resources: such as digital studio tours and artist takeovers, in particular through the instagram channel.

MONA. Museum of Neon Art



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