Public Neon Art: December 2020

Public Neon Art: December 2020

thursday 17 december 2020 | Art, Events, News&Press
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This December is accompanied by the closure of museums in Italy, but contemporary art doesn’t stop for this. F/ART has compiled a list of public art works made with cold cathode lamps, ie neon, which are freely accessible and placed in public and outdoor spaces.

This article is constantly updated, you can suggest other public neon art by sending an e-mail.




Bari – Puglia Arte Contemporanea. Daniela Corbascio

When: 10th September 2020 - 2nd May 2021
Where: Dipartimento Turismo, economia della cultura e valorizzazione del territorio, Fiera del Levante Pad. 107, Lungomare Starita, 70132 Bari (ITALY)

Artist: One of the distinctive traits of Daniela Corbascio's poetics is the use of neon light, sometimes superimposed on other support materials and which come from her personal repertoire of intimate experience as from symbols and images of collective memory.

Artwork: Reflex artwork, created for the Pino Pascali Foundation in 2010, has as its subject the frieze of the stone bas-relief that dominates the portal of the Church of Purgatory (or San Martino) located in the historic center of Polignano a Mare (BA, Italy). A row of repeated cross bones, skulls and an hourglass - images of time passing - are ancient iconography that redraws the artist in a contemporary way.

Reflex. Daniela Corbascio. Puglia Arte Contemporanea. Photo: Francesco Perla


Milan – E ogni cosa è connessa con tutte le altre. Massimo Uberti

When: 7th December 2020 – 7th January 2021
Where: Gate 6 Fiera Milano - Viale Scarampo angolo via Teodorico

Artist: Massimo Uberti (Brescia 1966). Lives and work in Milan. Graduated at Brera Academy at the beginning of the 90s he was part of the group of artists in Via Lazzaro Palazzi, Milan. Space, light and surfaces are the elements that he has always placed at the center of his research, creating new places for a group of poetic inhabitants.

Artwork: the installation “E ogni cosa è connessa con tutte le altre” (And everything is connected with all the others) created by Fondazione Fiera Milano, by the artist Massimo Uberti is an evocative Christmas tree, connected to a neon sign, which pays homage to the city and to the health personnel involved in Covid-19 emergency.

After the exhibition the fir will be brought back to the plant nursery in Brescia from which it comes, to guarantee it a second life.

Albero di Natale - Policlinico Fiera Milano - Filmati Milanesi


Milan - New Times for Other Ideas / New Ideas for Other Times. Maurizio Nannucci

When: from 9 September 2020
Where: Parco di CityLife, Piazza Elsa Morante, Milano
Link: Artline – Maurizio Nannucci

Artist: Maurizio Nannucci (Florence, 1939) lives in Italy and south Baden. His early production dates to the mid-1960s focusing on the relation between visuals and language and exploring a variety of media including photography, video, artist’s book, installation, performance, and sound and theatre experimentations. In 1967 he introduces neon lights into his practice. This line of research is one of the most relevant in his production, combining aspects of conceptual art with a more poetic and dialogue-based interaction with the viewer. Often conceived as large-size installations, his neon works are based on an in-depth study of their surrounding architectural space. Nannucci’s work has participated in several editions of the Venice Biennale, Documenta in Kassel and in the São Paulo, Sydney, and Istanbul Biennales. His works are exhibited internationally and permanently installed in some of the most prestigious international institutions.

Artwork: : "New Times for Other Ideas / New Ideas for Other Times" is a double red and blue neon writing installation specifically designed for the façade of Pavilion 3, a building by architect Paolo Vietti Violi dating from 1923 which today is the only remaining trace of Milan’s old Fiera facilities. In line with a pattern Nannucci has explored many times before in his artistic production, viewers (or simple passersby) are presented with two almost specular phrases, words inspiring a new understanding of the specific spatial context while also inviting one to reflect on the ideas of innovation, the passing of time, and the interactions these concepts can bring about. CityLife is a location where urban planning and architectural interventions have been radical, transforming everyday life in the neighborhood as well as Milan’s entire skyline. Against this backdrop, the artist’s installation sets out to inspire a reflection on the impact such changes have on our lives and even on our way of thinking and understanding reality around us – reflections that draw strength from the fact that Nannucci’s work is positioned on a symbolic architecture, one of the few traces of the area’s past, a living testament to the location’s previous identity.

Maurizio Nannucci, “New Times for Other Ideas _ New Ideas for Other Times”, 2020, courtesy ArtLine Milano. Photo: Alberto Fanelli


Turin – Luci d’Artista XXIII edition

When: 30th October 2020 – 10th January 2021
Where: Turin city (urban area)


Artwork – Artist involved

  • Il volo dei numeri - Mario MERZ
  • Noi - Luigi STOISA
  • Doppio passaggio (Torino) - Joseph KOSUTH
  • L'amore non fa rumore - Luca PANNOLI
  • Illuminated Benches - Jeppe HEIN
  • Amare le differenze - Michelangelo PISTOLETTO
  • Piccoli Spiriti Blu - Rebecca HORN
  • Cultura=Capitale - Alfredo JAAR  



Luci d'Artista is an artistic event born in 1998 and immediately transformed into an important and innovative cultural event with a tourist value and an international promotion of the city. It is also an opportunity to appreciate art in public places and highly frequented by citizens and tourists. The creative process brings together technological and material knowledge, creativity, physics and engineering skills. The medium of light in public spaces favors the encounter between the large public and some significant expressions of contemporary artistic sensitivity.

From year to year the temporary artworks are placed in different and significant places of the urban territory, with the aim of enhancing them and creating expectation and curiosity in the public.
Luci d'Artista © is a registered trademark at the Turin Chamber of Commerce owned by the City of Turin.

Mario Merz_Il volo dei numeri / Michelangelo Pistoletto_Amare le differenze - ©Luci d’Artista - Città di Torino - Photo: Max Chicco