Chiara Ferragni and neon

Chiara Ferragni and neon

friday 09 november 2018 | News&Press, Blog
Image of  Chiara Ferragni and neon

Chiara Ferragni, one of the most important fashion influencers in the world, loves neon. 

As a real neon, all the pieces are unique and custom made for her. The cold cathode lamp is exclusively a handmade product created piece by piece by the hands of skilled blowers. These are not industrial lamps and should not be confused with the fake neon like the neon flex (which is actually led and tries to imitate it) or the fluorescent lamps typical of the offices.
Now let's see where the famous influencer used the neon lamp:


The Blonde Salad

Il blog da lei fondato nel 2009 e ora diventato una piattaforma multimediale con tanto di e-commerce, porta il logo con un font che richiama appunto una scritta fashion al neon rosa. Logo che poi viene adoperato anche in tutti gli altri canali: facebook, instagram, youtube.

The blog she founded in 2009 (that now is a multimedia platform with an e-commerce) has the logo made with a font that recalls a neon fashion pink writing. This logo is also used in all other channels: facebook, instagram, youtube.


There is not only the digital version, but also the real neon version: as you can see in this instagram post, it's now in her office!

Birthday: 30 years

In May 2018 Chiara Ferragni celebrates her 30th birthday and for this occasion she asked a custom made pink neon "Chiara 30" with a plexiglass support and it has been exhibited in the room where she celebrated her birthday. The hastag used during that event was #chiara30.


Ferragnez Wedding

The couple Ferragni + Fedez ("Ferragnez") got married last September and this time they wanted the neon writing "amore" to make unique such important day.


The house in Los Angeles

She shared another custom written light with a cold cathode lamp: "Hotel California" for her new American house in LA, year 2017.


New store in Paris

The 4th single-brand store (2nd in Europe) was inaugurated in Rue Debelleyme (Paris, France) just last week. The other three are in Milan, Shanghai and Chengdu. There are also hundreds of worldwide retailers and temporary shops like the one in Cortina D'Ampezzo (Italy).

Chiara Ferragni's neon logo is in pole position: it's just in front of the new store's door. Now the shop hosts the collections "Stardust" autumn-winter 2018 and "mini me" designed for young girls.
It seems also this work is illuminated by one of our neon electromagnetic transformers!

Why neon?

It is original and unique, handcrafted by skilled artisans who work the glass with great care for details. It is customizable: it's possible to reproduce a person's calligraphy or a stylized drawing. Cold cathode is the greenest lighting source in the world according to the American UL authority. Its life expectancy goes beyond 50,000 hours, there are instances of installations with a lifespan of over 50 years, a good neon transformers helps a lot too.
It is not an industrial product, you need a single project to realized each installation, the only limit is your creativity!

About neon there is so much misinformation, even wikipedia says few words and quite confused.
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