Insigni - superior craftmanship, young artists and neon technology

tuesday 18 december 2018 | Blog, News&Press, Events, Art
Image of  Insigni - superior craftmanship, young artists and neon technology

Exhibition: Insigni

Where: Venice area  Dorsoduro, in 5 high craft shops (information below)

When: From Thursday 13 December 2018 to Sunday 13 January 2019


Insigni is Art&Business, searching and action line of “Laboratorio di Management dell’arte e della Cultura di Ca’ Foscari” which include the farms and contemporary art. For this time we bring it to the company’s high venetian craftsmanship in contact with young artists of “Accademia di Belle Arti” and the technologies for F/ART neon. Insigni takes care in a Venice’s urban district full of museums and art galleries but, also for that, unusable to artists who can not afford to make art in the art area. One of lots venetian paradoxes which make someone think to what is really a “creative city” and which make of Insigni also a project of urban regeneration.  With this spirit five workshops have welcomed 5 artists for 5 weeks to create 5 works realised thanks to F/ART. Insigni brings as a result the contemporary art in the places in which, in the Venice hystoric city centre, unique handcraft pieces are still produced and pieces made abroad are not sold.  But these outstanding masters need signs which signal, teach and help them to teach. We trust that the art know how to do has never done before.

                                                                                                                                                                   Fabrizio Panozzo

Gennaro Bisogno - “Extemporaneous”

The print house “Il Pavone” is a place where papers and inks, bindings and colours continue to dance in front of eyes. This happens if you stop for watching that different time which regulate different worlds, in rotation.

Regular sequences of rhytmic and temporal spaces will be able to browse all our other interstitial possibility. Indeed, like an extemporaneous film, Venice propose a radical alternative again to all the most contemporary things it possesses.  Outside the present, light papers as feathers follow on the heels without beat around the bush. All consists in enlivening diorama to love again any moment for a moment, so that remains imprinted an instant. The wheel of fortune if the wheel turns.



 Angelica Bordon - “Looking For”

The laboratory “Cornici Trevisanello” designs and creates all necessary to gather, guide, orient and reflect looks. If looking it is the first way of looking further, then we need a viewfinder: a frame of the closing of the circle which I search for, it has never seen. “Let us go then, you and I” and such like, maybe, they are reflected by a same shape and different. And then looking forward to come back and then reflecting on, everything and everyone, in Venice. It is a golden portal hand painted by the time in this style: I’m incoming where you are outgoing. It now goes. Someone are closing, others have already closed, and others will close passing away.  “Oh, do not ask, ‘What is it?’/Let us go and make our visit”.



Studio Tonnato - “Epitaffio di un Amore”

The “Squero San Trovaso” is a place devoted to handwork: a yard where people learn with difficulties, “stealing with the eyes” when you want to stop for watching. In essence, Venice is a city that you glimpse – two of two, exactly –and without thanking, usually, at all. The entire city often appear to be a sort of quick or extended pit stop for crucified or cruise tourists. But everything stays already where it was.  A laboratory still proud and “rustega”, where it is always possible learning and loving the bitter sea. In this way it appears again like terminal shape of real terminal always suitable for arrivals and departures, and maybe –also- for a possible burial honors. In limine litis.



 Laura Vendramini - “Insight”

The jewelry store “Design 188” is a place that offer glass experience as that of its own joy to wear on the skin. I must behave like he wouldn’t be such an important aspect falling in love with pictures. When Venice fans the flames, with the full power of its half-closed lips, my eyes get used to shape the vision to find out firsthand–in front of the first people–what I am doing in a hug. The plan is to back into yourself being able to: I must do something for them or me? I’m a frame embedded in a glimpsed landscape ever seen, inside the intuition now admitted in the window, with the sign of more subtle comprehension than before.



 Giacomo Vidoni - “L’Imbarcata”

The workshop “Le Forcole” is a place where each curve, corner, inclination digs and derives its precise action of friction in direct confrontation with water. The “forcola” is a oarlock calm: static in its form, dynamic in its function of expression. A precise and accurate motion to make sure one act and then rowing. It’s like moving the great theatrical machine of fascination proposed to its folcrum, where it is also true that thoughts are fundamental tools for navigating in the intersections and between channels. Venice has embarked in an ungrateful adventure and then it relies a challenge: but give me a foothold and with my rowing, I’ll raise the sea again.




Marotta & Russo