From F.A.R.T. to F/ART: new neon sign installation

From F.A.R.T. to F/ART: new neon sign installation

monday 11 january 2021 | News&Press, Blog
Image of  From F.A.R.T. to F/ART: new neon sign installation

In 2017 the company renewed  its logo design together with its product line and committed to new goals, ready to reenter the market as F/ART - Feed for / Art / LIGHT / POWER, instead of F.A.R.T. - Treviso Radioelectric Equipment Factory.

Transformers of ideas is the new concept F/ART has been embracing for more than three years now. On the 75th anniversary, F/ART also changed the historical sign placed above the factory's  vaults.
Neon as a light source is what connects the past and the current signs, F/ART Resinblock transformers included.

Cold cathode is a wonderful  technology which lasts over time with very limited maintenance, thanks to the quality and longevity of the materials, despite any exposure to atmospheric agents and variable climatic conditions.

We recorded a timelapse video about the new sign change.
Qualified professionals designed the new structure to ensure safety compliant with legal standards, while the actualization and installation of the neon sign, was curated by Neon Lauro 1956. F/ART coordinated all the processes.

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