friday 28 september 2018 | Blog, Art, News&Press, Interviews
Massimo Uberti, among the most important artists of light art, is one of the protagonists of Biennale Light Art Mantua opened to the public until 7 October. The artist exhibits a great installation realised with the technical support of F/ART which revolves around the idea of paying tribute to Giulio Romano.
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friday 21 september 2018 | Blog, News&Press, Art, Interviews

Federica Marangoni is one of the main character of Biennale Art Light Mantova (21 July – 7 October 2018). Thanks to the technical support by F/ ART, the artist exhibited two neon works on the occasion of the second edition of the Biennale Mantovana: “time Maschine” e “the Memory of Light”. For the occasion we have interviewed her.

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wednesday 25 july 2018 | Press review, News&Press, Interviews
We already talked to you about Elena Piludu's dissertation on Green Marketing in relation to the arts, taking F/ART as her case study. Now we will propose you one of her interviews with Marisa Graziati (CEO) instead. Enjoy!
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monday 11 june 2018 | Blog, News&Press, Art, Interviews
Leonardo Sonnoli is placed on the list of the one hundred most relevant and innovative graphic designers, worldwide. He is the author behind the installation promoted by F/ART for the new set up of the Triennale Design Museum. We met him in order to outline his relationship with neon.
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wednesday 16 may 2018 | Press review, News&Press, Interviews

Once upon a time, but also nowadays, in the north-east there are companies that are characterized not just for being excellences of the “made in Italy” but also because they have a successful past, that moves up the value of the product. The memory and patrimony become the new avangarde of the Veneto's economy and reason of great investments in terms of recovery and value of the company and territory culture.

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thursday 08 february 2018 | Press review, News&Press, Interviews
Cosa hanno in comune le installazioni di Marcella Barros, i celebri ritratti luminosi di Dusty Sprengnagel o le monumentali spirali scritte con il neon di Stephan Huber? Le tecnologie F/ART, azienda nata a Treviso nel 1945 e oggi leader internazionale nel settore della vendita di trasformatori per lampade al neon.
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wednesday 20 september 2017 | Blog, News&Press, Interviews

We introduced you Umberto Pintore, a Neapolitan who shapes neon letters, through the Soleil editorial project of the Agnese Tamburrini graphic. Let’s get to know Umberto’s persona and story better thanks to a brief interview directed by one of the very students of his amazing laboratory.

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thursday 20 july 2017 | Press review, News&Press, Interviews

The arts literally "light up" starting from the thirties thanks to neon. The artist László Moholy-Nagy was the first one to theorise that night illumination, typical of fluorescent signs in towns, could have become "an expressive field" for artists. And from a luminous outdoors propaganda sign, the "glowing tube" soon found its place inside museums, where it became the actual artwork.

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thursday 25 may 2017 | Blog, News&Press, Interviews

F/ART torna a splendere: ecco l'azienda che investe sull'arte della tecnologia al neon
Umberto Pintore, sagomatore di lettere al neon, è considerato una celebrità: i suoi lavori occupano spazi di grandi gallerie d’arte europee come semplici cucine dei clienti privati, eppure ogni lavoro viene realizzato con la stessa attenzione.

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