F/ART in 2020: news and remarkable goals

F/ART in 2020: news and remarkable goals

monday 21 december 2020 | Products, Art, Blog, News&Press
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This year the whole world has been put to test: the global pandemic has left an indelible sign, such as to change our way of life, work, plans for the future and attitudes towards others.

Our company dealt with the emergency promptly with care and responsibility. We have taken all the measures requested by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to oppose and contain the spread of Coronavirus by protecting our employees and collaborators, as well as our customers and suppliers, by adapting promptly to these new life and working habits.

2020 also coincided with the seventy-fifth year of activity of F/ART, a significant milestone for the company. In fact, in the middle of the year there was a big ceremony scheduled for a series of collateral events, but our sense of responsibility and safety prevailed so we canceled it.

Despite this, thanks to our close-knit team of professionals, we have worked hard and listened to valuable feedback from customers around the world. Before the year ends, we at F/ART would like to share with you the novelties and the projects started, in progress or concluded during this 2020.





Launch of the ECR family: the first electronic transformers in the world made for neon from resin.
The electronic converters are made with a high-frequency output transformer and an electronic control circuit that regulates their performance, allowing them to be used in different conditions. They are particularly suitable for indoor installations, in fact they are small in size, therefore easy to place in small spaces. Available in white or black.




Presented for the first time in 2019 at FESPA in Munich, VIRGO and SAGIT are the expansion and improvement of the range of ‘made in Italy’ LED drivers.
Their peculiarity is the encapsulation of the power supply’s core by a distinctive patented epoxy resin that protects the product, ensuring excellent heat dissipation.



The design and production of components for ozone generators and cold plasma for the treatment of environments.
Thanks to its oxidizing power, ozone is employed in the treatment of air, water and surfaces in general, and in environmental sanitization and deodorization as well as in many other circumstances.
Starting from this year F/ART will design and manufacture in Italy high voltage transformers specifically for ozone and plasma generators, ozone generator tubes and easy-to-assemble kits.



Activation of B2B e-commerce for online sales, open to all companies and freelancers with Italian VAT.
It is possible to purchase the European models of neon transformers, both electronic and traditional, as well as their accessories; LED drivers; components for ozone generators and surge protections to limit damage from overvoltages




A new layout of product labels aiming for continuous improvement.
The main novelty is the presence of the GS1 code in EAN13 format which allows customers and automated warehouse management, hence faster and more convenient.
F/ART also introduced QR codes, allowing automatic reading of the product code and its production date.






Participation in the SMATH project to promote collaborations between artists and companies.
Art and business are curious about each other and perceive the mutual benefits of blending. The Department of Management - Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, in partnership with the Veneto Region, has actualized these intuitions with real interventions that have led to the creation of a "creative nest" to grow the intertwining of artistic and corporate production.




Collaboration with [e] DESIGN, the Treviso festival that supports and promotes crafts and local realities as a cultural heritage and economic resource to be protected and made known.
Together with the artistic direction, F/ART has carried out several projects:




A victory for Casa D’Artista in Civitacampomarano at the international BigSee Award. "Casa Cuoco" is the nineteenth-century residence of the famous Italian politician and illuminist, whose interiors have been embellished by the installation of a neon artwork by the international artist Lorenzo Vitturi, created by F/ART as a ‘light partner’.





On the occasion of the 75th year of activity, F/ART could not miss the chance to change the historic sign placed above the vaults of the factory, as a crowning achievement of the process of changing the name and logo started in 2017. The new sign measures 7x1,1 meters and contains handcrafted  neon tubes made of white glass and displayed directly on a suitable frame in compliance with a static, electrical and lighting project, with pertaining certifications.
The old sign was kept in the company as a keepsake and as a basis for an artistic revaluation project.





The cycle of "Sign Itinerary" training seminars in collaboration with Aifil (the Italian Association of Luminous Sign Manufacturers): a series of meetings all over Italy starting from September 2019 to February 2020. Suspended due to the Covid emergency, but rescheduled for 2021.

The initiative was aimed at providing technical, regulatory and specialist insights on materials and products that can be employed in creating lighting, sign, display, and interior design projects.




A column dedicated to neon art in Italy and in the world: a series of monthly articles to spread the culture of neon by sharing the best events and the most interesting exhibitions, with cold cathode lamps as the protagonist.