New Eco-Sustainable Packaging

New Eco-Sustainable Packaging

wednesday 10 march 2021 | News&Press, News, Products
Image of  New Eco-Sustainable Packaging

F/ART has always been attentive to improve its ecological footprint to become more and more an eco-sustainable, so as to contribute to a greener world.

The desire to respect the environment, aiming for a sustainable perspective to generate positive impacts has led to the introduction of new 100% green packaging for transformers and power supplies. It’s made of recycled cardboard, without transparent plastic and tie wrap.

The new packaging for Resinblock neon transformers is not a simple renewal of the look. It has several  advantages for the entire supply chain:

  • The package is meant for the characteristics of the product and its shipping: thickness, shape and type of material are optimized
  • Fixing template included in the upper part, with pre-drilled ends, to facilitate the installation
  • Open window in correspondence of the product label, to read and scan the product information and QR code
  • Easy opening: no scissors or cutters are required
  • Simplification of the packaging system: use of cardboard only, no glues or plastics with consequent reduction of waste and disposal costs.
  • Easy disposal: you can simply throw the packaging into the paper bin after having flattened it



The safety warnings are printed and included in the packaging, as required by law; while the instruction manuals and other data sheets are available in electronic format, accessible via QR code directly from the product label. In this way, the printed paper and the emissions to produce it are reduced to a minimum.

The introduction of the new packaging will take place as soon as the stock of the previous ones is exhausted.

F/ART quality department pays attention to the regulations, always monitoring the situation. It is also thanks to this that the application of the European Packaging Directive is always respected.

The road to a totally green world is still long, but we are already on it.