wednesday 19 june 2019 | News, News&Press, Blog, Products

The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products mean that products sold in the EEA (European Economic Area) have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. CE marking supports fair competition by holding all companies accountable to the same rules.  Manufacturers, importers and distributors have responsibilities. 

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wednesday 05 june 2019 | News, News&Press, Products

The new catalogue /POWER was presented at FESPA fair in Munich. It's something more than a product list, it tells who F/ART is and what it does: 74 years of history, numerous inventions, innovations and cutting edge technologies.

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wednesday 03 april 2019 | Press review, News, News&Press, Events, Products
F/ART, historic company producing transformers for Neon lamps, will be at FESPA European Sign Expo 2019, at stand L54 in hall A4  presenting a new line of products dedicated to powering LED lighting and signs, as well as the historic range of Neon transformers, all made in Italy.
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tuesday 22 january 2019 | News, News&Press, Events, Products

F/ART will attend FESPA European Sign Expo with its own stand - Munich 14-17 May 2019.
This fair is Europe’s largest exhibition for non-printed signage and visual communications.

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thursday 05 july 2018 | Blog, News&Press, Products
Can distinguish neon from other artificial lighting sources? Here's a few tips to not mistake it with fluorescent lamps or with flex "neon" (which is actually LED). Watch the video too!
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monday 18 june 2018 | Blog, News&Press, Products
Do you know what Neon is? The REAL Neon? We are talking about cold cathode lamps individually created by master blowers, who are artisans that skillfully work the glass. They are not just industrial products, every piece is unique and handmade with great precision.
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tuesday 20 march 2018 | News, News&Press, Events, Products
F/ART and CMN GROUP will attend together the FESPA Global Print Expo as Exhibitors from 15th to 18th May 2018.
Hall 3.1 Stand D54.
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wednesday 10 january 2018 | Blog, News&Press, Products

Have you ever wondered how a neon sign is made? Our video explains the process starting from the idea.
It is an handmade work, each shape is crafted by an artisan (blower) who works the glass tubes on an high temperature flame.
The neon lamp (do not confund with the fluorescent lamp), can be used in many fields: advertisign signs, art, design, architecture and lighting.

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monday 04 december 2017 | Blog, News, News&Press, Products

F/ART presents its new monograph: 40 pages in square format about the neon transformers worldwide leader Company. It's dedicated to the world of lighting with cold cathode lamps.
Our experience is at the service of high creativity: contemporary art, design solutions, advanced architectural lighting, and advertising signs.

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thursday 21 september 2017 | News, News&Press, Blog, Events, Art, Products
F/ART wants to provide technical and design assistance to artists so that they can improve and enhance their artworks, and on the other hand, it wants to bring the potential of the neon in art, lighting design and light communication to a wider audience.
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