Scorpio Surge Protection Device: range expansion

Scorpio Surge Protection Device: range expansion

tuesday 13 april 2021 | Products, News, News&Press
Image of  Scorpio Surge Protection Device: range expansion

Surges are unexpected situation when the voltage exceeds for a short time the nominal value at which an electric system has been designed for.

Damages can be of different types: loss of data, loss of mains, cable melting, appliances breakdown up to risk of fire.

Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are tools to protect the electrical systems absorbing the peak of tension or current at place of the electric appliances, in order to minimize the damages.



F/ART has developed SCORPIO in 2019: a differential mode SPD, to be used in low tension systems to protect against overvoltage and overcurrent effects.

This product was really appreciated by our customers, so we expanded the range adding two 10kV models to the already existing 4kV and 6kV: one as DIN rail and the other in a box, both versions come with a built-in LED to indicate the operation status. Both provides common and differential mode protections.


  • Scorpio 4kV (SRG-S000-240-01)
  • Scorpio 6kV (SRG-S001-240-01)
  • Scorpio 10kV DIN (SRG7XCBD) – with LED
  • Scorpio 10kV BOX (SRG7XCB2) – with LED


Detailed Technical data sheets are available in our website.



Scorpio is suitable for protecting electronic devices such as:

  • Lighting systems
  • Neon and LED signs
  • Home Electronic devices
  • Industrial Devices (eg: reduction of the effects of reactive currents due to the ignition of industrial ovens or refrigerators)
  • Switchboards
  • Equipment connected to a power strip




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