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What is ozone?

Ozone is a gaseous molecule formed by 3 oxygen atoms (O3) which is found in the various layers of the atmosphere in different concentrations.
In nature, it is created from simple oxygen (O2) by UV rays or with the electric discharges during thunderstorms. Ozone is unstable and tends to easily return to its O2 form.

Thanks to its oxidizing power, it is used for the treatment of air, water, surfaces in general, and in environmental sanitization and deodorization, it has also in many other applications.

This gas molecule must be produced in the environment and immediately used, therefore it cannot be stored or transported due to its instability.
The decay time varies according to temperature, humidity and chemical/biological contamination, and always depends on the concentrations of use.

There are specific generators that allow the conversion of O2 present in the air to O3; thanks to a high voltage transformer and a specific tube or plate.


F/ART offers a specific range dedicated to components for environmental sanitization by ozone for water and air: specific high voltage transformers for ozonizers and ionizers, borosilicate glass tubes with stainless steel links to generate ozone and kit easy to assemble.



  • - All F/ART products are made in Italy
  • - We are world leader in the transformer production since 75 years
  • - Possibility of customization
  • - Worldwide shipping
  • - Specific transformers both for ozone generators with ceramic plates, glass and steel plates and for glass tube models with steel inserts
  • - Transformers made of epoxy resin for high heat dissipation and very high resistance to corrosion due to ozone
  • - Kit of components for tube-type ozone generators with reduced power consumption and easy assembly
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