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History of neon

The term neon derives from the Greek word "Neos," which means "new gas." Georges Claude introduced the first neon lamp to the public on December 11, 1910, in Paris.

History of Neon
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100% Made in Italy

From the start F/ART has designed and made its products exclusively in Italy. The combination of the company know-how, across the board skills, providing innovative technological solutions for the constantly changing market needs can only be obtained within a specific and unique scenario. A production context that produces the tangible synthesis of the specific culture of a single area: Treviso, where the company has been working and manufacturing for more than seventy years.

100% Made in Italy
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Project Management

F/ART offers the full support of its designers and technicians and the reliability of its technologies and production lines in implementing its ideas, as well as those of its Partners, Customers or Clients.

project management
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F/ART can design and implement lighting systems capable of interpreting every installation or performance need in a flexible manner, even within or outside of particular contexts. Furthermore, in addition to being flexible, such systems are capable of combining various aspects, such as energy savings and optimization; this is a typical peculiarity of neon lights that cannot be found in other technology applied to lighting systems.

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When we design and implement a lighting system, any environmental and eco-sustainability assessment should not come in second place and should not be overlooked. F/ART offers a lighting system technology, cold cathode - neon –with remarkable ecological advantages, even though not many people are aware of them. 


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Long live the cold cathode

A fascinating and unique source of light, neon - or "cold cathode" - originates from the "cold" heart of a technology equipped with a unique feature, that is to be able to ensure an intense and constant flow of light over the years, as well as a long service life: more than 100,000 hours of operation, with only a 25% loss of its lighting output, regardless of the number of times it is turned on

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Color Range

Neon can satisfy every expressive need, even in terms of color. In fact, the lighting systems designed, manufactured and marketed by the Company can meet every expectation: giving color to shape, or shape to color, depending on the requirements and perspectives of the project.

color range
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Technical Resin

The company created its exclusive formula and working procedure, highly specialised and at the cutting edge of its field. This led to totally abandoning the old transformer construction concept – based on the old, unreliable and unattractive metal box – thereby obtaining a series of important technological benefits for their customers and in numerous areas.

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F/ART’s entire production relies on CE certified safety systems and standards. The most rigorous checks are carried out at every single stage of production and on every process, in the various labs and plant areas, in line with our 70-year old tradition of know-how in the electrotechnical field in order to fully ensure the best quality and safety standards, in full compliance with international standards.

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Videos and texts of our transformers.