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Color Range

Neon can satisfy every expressive need, even in terms of color. In fact, the lighting systems designed, manufactured and marketed by the Company can meet every expectation: giving color to shape, or shape to color, depending on the requirements and perspectives of the project.

The color temperature available ranges from the warmest shades - 1,900 Kelvin degrees - to the absolute coolest ones - 9,500 Kelvin degrees -, with the possibility to choose from 30 different types of whites. The phosphors used belong to the "Rare Earth"​ class, featuring a very high chromatic yield because of their 97% C.R.I. (Color Rending Index): such index allows us to faithfully reproduce over 80 color tones on a lighting element.

The length of the lamps may vary from 10cm to 3m, with diameters from 6mm to 20mm. Finally, it is important to remember that lamps with such features of color temperatures and ranges can be supplied by electromechanical transformers that operate at a low or high voltage, but also by high frequency electronic converters when the installation spaces are particularly tight.