Long live the cold cathode

Long live the cold cathode
Reliability and durability  
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Long Live The Cold Cathode

A fascinating and unique source of light, neon - or "cold cathode" - originates from the "cold" heart of a technology equipped with a unique feature, that is to be able to ensure an intense and constant flow of light over the years, as well as a long service life: more than 100,000 hours of operation, with only a 25% loss of its lighting output, regardless of the number of times it is turned on. Electricity provides lighting efficiency with a minimal amount of dispersion and heat loss.

Thanks to its unique technological features, in terms of performance and durability, neon is the material “par excellence” for lighting applications. In fact, its use enables the creation of continuous lamps with rows of endless lengths, thus avoiding that undesirable and non-aesthetic "shadow effect", which occurs in fluorescence-based lighting solutions, as well as in LED-based ones with a "punctiform" effect.

 In view of the peculiar features of expressive light and technological reliability, neon-based lighting solutions are perfect and absolutely essential for indoor and outdoor solutions.