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The air exchange in closed rooms is one of the most effective way to limit the spread of infection by bacteria and viruses, in addition of course to cleanings, frequent hand washing and wearing a mask.
When it is not possible to costantly open the windows, air purifiers and sanitation machines come to the aid, thanks to technologies such as ionization, cold plasma and active oxygen.
In 2020 F/ART created new made in Italy products dedicated to air, water and surfaces sanitation, with the possibility of customization and engineering for every need.
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NEWS 2021

Plasma, the fourth state of matter (also called ionized gas) is produced in nature by the fragmentation of polyatomic gas molecules or the removal of electrons from monatomic gases.

Thanks to cold plasma generators, it is possible to constantly and safely purify the air in an enclosed space. One benefit is that no ozone is created, meaning that the machinery delivering the plasma can be kept on even while people and animals are present.

F/ART produces specific components for plasma generators and can customize the products according to your needs.

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NEWS 2020

Ozone is a gaseous molecule formed by 3 oxygen atoms (O3). In nature, it is created from simple oxygen (O2) by UV rays or with the electric discharges during thunderstorms. It is also possible to artificially produce it through machines known as ozonizers.

With ozone it is possible to sanitize the air, water and even surfaces, including the most difficult areas to reach.

The heart of the active oxygen sanitation machines is composed of a high voltage transformer and a tube that acts as a dielectric.
F/ART produces ozone generator components and can customize the products according to your needs.

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