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Plasma, or the fourth state of matter, is defined as ionised gas and is naturally present on our planet, especially in lightning and northern lights; it is also very abundant in the Universe: stars, the sun and nebulae are made of plasma.
The fundamentals of plasma were discovered by William Crookes in 1879 by ionising a gas inside a tube using high voltages. It was thanks to his studies that the so-called Crookes tubes, the ancestors of neon lamps, were realised.
F/ART's plasma technology is a safe system for sanitising and deodorising environments. The air is ionised by means of high-voltage resin transformers, products developed from the experience gained over 77 years.
Image of  F/ARYA Air sanitiser Made in Italy



F/ARYA products have been designed by our engineers for both air and surface sanitisation and have also been tested for effectiveness and safety.
The offer includes both mobile devices suitable for sanitising rooms such as shops, offices and homes and devices for installation in ducted systems for large commercial premises.
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The innovative NTP (Non Thermal Plasma) technology, also known as cold plasma, is the best choice for continuously sanitising and purifying both air and surfaces, even in the presence of people and animals.
F/ART produces specific components for plasma generators:
  • Tube-type cold plasma generators
  • Easy-to-install cold plasma kits
  • High voltage transformers specific for cold plasma


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Ozone is a gaseous molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms that is formed in nature or by ozonisers, and can quickly sanitise air, water and surfaces, as long as people and animals are not present.
F/ART manufactures components for ozone generators.
  • Ozone tube generators
  • Easy-to-install ozone kits
  • High voltage transformers specifically for ozone


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